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  1. The Diancie Movie Soundtrack (and a question for whoever finishes reading this)

    Before I begin, let me make clear that I've seen the Diancie movie. Both versions of it in fact. I waited until I saw both before I made my mind up about it, because I like my decisions to be informed ones. And also please don't think I'm saying what's in the next paragraph out of some demented desire to be a hater of the Japanese version of the anime. So, here goes...

    To be blunt, I thought its Japanese soundtrack was awful. Seriously, it was a snoozefest at best, and unfitting at ...

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  2. Glittering Celestial V Compendium A-D

    Going back and writing a prequel "Gaiden" to Glittering Celestial V, then re-doing the 7 episodes I have so far. So if you are confused by some of the people, places, things, and terms in the story, here's part one of a dictionary for you:

    Amber Aegis-An operative of the Darkened Quarry based on the amber. His monsters focus on protecting themselves, typically in the form of high defense (although sometimes the monster may also hit hard offensively)

    Ash Ketchum-The ...

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  3. Striking Back: Memoirs of a Clone Review (Final)

    The Review Blog. It's back.

    Striking Back: Memoirs of a Clone by @Dai

    Summary: Mewtwo. Clone of the legendary Mew. Psychic mastermind. Dreamer and manipulator. Created to be the most dangerous creature in all the world. (Author's)
    In a nutshell: Probably the definitive novelization of Mewtwo's tale, but it doesn't exactly linger on the movie.

    I've never held a particularly high regard for the anime. While I think it's a ...
  4. Wonder Trade wonders

    So I've been Wonder Trading a lot for the past few days because I haven't been in the mood to go out and some interesting things have happened:
    Got a shiny Kyurem. That's the first shiny legendary I've ever had so I was really surprised. And the person on the other end got... a Zubat it had some egg moves but still

    Then after a few more trades I got a shiny Dragalge and it was amazing, it might be hacked since it was modest and had a life orb attached, and the person on ...

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