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  1. Not feeling great

    by , 28th September 2008 at 08:46 PM
    My throat has been hurting since this morning and it hurts when I clear it and I'm also coughing a bit. I put chest rub on my throat and my mom gave me cough meds and it still hurts...not even food helps...even worse is that I have to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I don't know if I'll get better by then...

    Currently listening to: Velvet Underworld by Weiβ Kreuz
  2. 2nd day on my new job

    by , 30th August 2008 at 11:20 PM
    I got a new job last week and didn't start until Thursday. The 1st day was pretty boring as it was just all basic stuff. Today was my 2nd day and I actually got to start working. Mind you, I should tell you that I work for a store in Canada called Save-on-Foods as a Service Clerk doing bagging, returning items to the shelves, cleaning any messes (except anyone's personal accidents) restocking shopping baskets and any other jobs. I have to work tommorow and Monday and then I go back to school on ...