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Charles Legend

Isshu is New York Sate.

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Now hear is why I say that.

1. The Geography of New York State varies widely. While the state is best known for New York City's urban atmosphere, especially Manhattan's skyscrapers, most of the state is dominated by farms, forests, rivers, mountains, and lakes. which is what we see on the map of Isshu.

2. New York state has at lest 32 wind mills, from my understanding wind mills are known to be used on farms, while the two wind mills on the map do look like Dutch wind mills, it should be noted that in the UA wind mills are often seen on farms granted they are not dutch windmills but that hardly matters.

3. There are roughly 117 Mountains in the state of New York.

4. New York state has several castles in it.

1. Bannerman's Castle (Pollepel Island, New York)

2. Beardslee Castle (Little Falls, New York)

3. The Castle (Casa Basso, Westhampton, New York)

4. Castle Rock (Garrison, New York)

5. Hempstead House, or Castle Gould (Sands Point, New York)

6. Oheka Castle (Long Island, New York)

7.Reid Castle (Purchase, New York)

8. Ward's Castle {Port Chester, New York)

9. Westbury House (Old Westbury, New York)

10. Boldt Castle heart Island (New York)

4. Now the main reason why I think People don't think Isshu is not New York is because it has a desert, however what you fail to realize is there is a place in the state of New York called the Rome Sand Plains which is a pine barrens/sand dunes,sand dunes are basally like a small desert, also for those of you that did not know The Rome Sand Plains has several sand ridges that geologists think were formed by the Glacial Lake Iroquois.

~Charles Legend

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