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Black and White Breakthrough and Nicknames

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OK, I assume that all of you know about the newest (alleged) kickass games known as Black and White that are supposed to come out. What you guys plan to do when you get it, (hackers, spammers, regular players, etc.) I don't know but I do think that all of you are going to do well; maybe even better the you did in Gen IV. Stay updated to B/W and may the Force be with you!

Another thing that concerns me with Black and White are the starter nicknames. You all [should] know about the starters Tsutaja, Mijumaru, and Pokabu, right? One thing in the Garden that I see very often is use of the popular nicknames established for the starters. These are:
Smugleaf = Tsutaja WTF?!?
Wotter = Mijumaru
? = Pokabu XDXDXD (IDK)

My opinion is... WHERE IS THE CREATIVITY?!?! Are the nicknames supposed to be puns (which I truly DESPISE)? Or are they supposed to be names to give b/c the creators of the nicknames have no idea what to name them.

Call me a poet if you will, but my names always have some root word reference or symbolism or something! If I can't think of anything then I follow my credo about nicknames. *drum roll* "If you can't come up with a good nickname, then you CAN come up with NO nickname."

Again, stay tuned on Bulbagarden, Serebii, or wherever your heart's sublimity and humility will take you. This has been a blog (my 4th to be exact) from Aerodemon.


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  1. Nelly's Avatar
    Smugleaf/Broleaf/Dudeleaf/etc. aren't puns. They are lulzy, one-word nicknames that describe how chill that fucker is.
  2. DCM's Avatar
    He's bromon, because he's a chill mofo
  3. Mitchman's Avatar
    Chill bros, he's not brotastic enough to get Smugleaf.
  4. ßlaze Jџdgement's Avatar
    I have to agree with you, Aerodemon, on the pun thing. I mean, EVERYONE knows that the nickname "Wotter" for Mijumaru is a total pun (obviously symbolizing "Water Otter" & the fact that Mijumaru is a water-type or swims in water), but I think that the nickname "Smugleaf" for Tsutaja isn't a pun 'cuz where's the symbolism? Haha! ^_^
    Overall, I think that what most people are gonna nickname their starters are fine with me. It's just that we can do better with nicknaming our starters, that's all (only if you want to nickname your starter).
  5. DCM's Avatar
    Better is relative. Personally, I think wotter is a shitty nickname, as it's incredibly obvious, where as smugleaf is reflecting upon what we know of him so far (ie he's got that dismissive look)
  6. ßlaze Jџdgement's Avatar
    You're sooo right, DCM, about how the nickname "Wotter" is so jacked-up! Again, I think we can do better with these nicknames.....


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