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  1. Pokemon X and Y really disappoints me

    I don't know why Gamefreak ruined my childhood but I now felt that I'm liking Pokemon very less or not liking it anymore because of the new and introduced game Pokemon X and Y.

    When Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was first released, I used to love Pokemon very much than any other games (like Monster Hunter, Super Mario and Donkey Kong and other Nintendo games) and this is because of having a lot of FREAKING new Pokemon

    But now because of Pokemon X and Y. they now make CRAPPY ...
  2. 7th generation fakemon

    Quote Originally Posted by yousuf89 View Post
    I've made around 59 fakemons for the 7th generation and it took around 4 years, however it's seem my sprites are all useless now thanks to "Pokemon X and Y" since they are now focusing on 3-D medias , here are some of my sprites that I think they're going on (all the research that I've done):

    hope these sprites make good use to anyone
  3. Pardus the friendly stray cat

    here are some videos of Pardus, the friendly stray cat:
    "PARDUS" the friendly stray cat (part 02) - YouTube
    "PARDUS" the friendly stray cat (part 01) - YouTube

    for anyone who want to see more of my awesome videos please go to this link:
    yousef097's channel - YouTube
  4. world's largest soccer ball

    for any soccer lovers, here's a really BIG story:

    it is the World’s Largest Soccer Ball
    it is located in Oman(which is where I was born and live)
    it's 10m in diameter and 750kg in weight
    The Guinness Book of World Records certificate stated: “World’s Largest Soccer Ball made of artificial leather by Golden Hornet, Oman."
  5. awesome cat videos

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