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Return of Tyraneon

New book

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I've been reading a book of late

and i really feel that a multitude of people on here should read it

scratch that

everyone that is a teenager should read it

Its called The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Teenager

Its really good

and explains things that will help you and how others percieve you

while still allowing you to be who you are


A quote from my favorite song right now

I got a heart full of pain, head full of stress
handfull of anger, held in my chest

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  1. X Dragoon's Avatar
    I think I read something like that at years ago....
  2. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    I like that song! Can't recall the name, but it's LP, right?

    EDIT: Wait, it's "In the End", isn't it?
  3. X Dragoon's Avatar
    I think it's "Nobody's Listening."
  4. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    I get confused. I'm not good with the older songs. I have Meteora, but I don't listen to it much. I prefer Minutes to Midnight and Road to Revolution. Yes, I know Nobody's Listing is on there too, but meh.
  5. X Dragoon's Avatar
    Remembering Nobody's Listening made me remember Figure 09.
  6. Return of Tyraneon's Avatar
    nice job FE 6X
  7. X Dragoon's Avatar
    Well, I have been a long fan of them.
  8. Return of Tyraneon's Avatar
    i have too

    ever been to any live concerts?
  9. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    I wish I had. They came here a year or two ago, but I missed out. I'm going to Fall Out Boy next month though, with the All American Rejects. Second and third best bands ever; I'm still trying to decide on the order.

    Linkin Park cannot be surpassed, though. You may as well leave out all the rest ;)
  10. Return of Tyraneon's Avatar
    we and my friend have made a pact to see a Linkin Park concert before we graduate from college


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