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better day

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yah, today is pretty much better than the last three days. my foot is starting to heal and i found something eatabl in my cupboard(by that i mean something that i could eat without barfing, they heve wird food here) did i mention i am staying at my grandma's house? anyway, i have a wii and an Xbox 360 here so screw the DS(even though i miss it). the only promlem today is, my camra is flippen BROKEN! $250 down the drain, but at least the foot is healin!

crap! make that 2 problems, NO TOILAT PAPER!

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Updated 25th July 2008 at 12:46 PM by Duskk



  1. Swampert tamer's Avatar
    It's a good thing that your foot is getting better...
    Can't your DS be repaired?
  2. Duskk's Avatar
    mabe,ill try and find out


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