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  1. This may be interesting, or not.

    Have you ever:

    1) Self harmed?
    Define in detail, greatly? little to no damage? With intent? Without intent, sure! Those random bruises, cuts and whanots that life gives us are reminders that I ish still human who can feel the joys and annoyances of pain :3

    2) Got into a real fight?
    Again too vague. With punching, grabbing and intent to harm others? Once and that was enough, my brother doesn't deserve more than the real beating he got.

    Updated 15th February 2013 at 01:19 PM by celeblaiz

  2. Pokemon Dungeons and Dragons - Tabletop Gaming


    Love roleplaying Pokemon? Wish you could do it in real life, maybe with real stats and a story teller? How about build your own unique Pokemon and then your own trainer and decide what they do in the world of Pokemon and see what the world of pokemon will do to you in return? :)

    We want to help and encourage pokemon fans from all over the world to recreate their loving ideals. No, this game isn't meant for little kids who ...