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Dragon Char

Episode numbering debate

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I do not normally make a blog, but it seemed pointless to make a real thread about this since Bulbagarden is convinced their numbering system is correct. A group of people I've been speaking to don't seem to think so, purely because "Season 2" is aired separately from the already completed portion of Best Wishes. My personal beef is that we don't know the production numbers for any of the eps since Season 2 began. Are they counted separately, or are they all still Best Wishes? I also want to add that I will not dispute our numbering system since the saga in progress did not end. Even if it did, it would be like AG, and it would still be under the BW label. I just cannot convince them that Season 2 is the same thing. Do the Japanese really consider Season 2 to be like all other title changes, and thus a separate show, with it's own production numbers? I think research needs to be done in this area to discover the truth.

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  1. Pidgeot's Avatar
    My beef with the numbering system on Bulbapedia is that they count Holiday Hi-Jynx and Snow Way Out as special episodes, even though they were really EP065 and 66.

    Anyway, don't Serebii.net call the Season 2 episodes BWS2xx? I just think that the Season 2 episodes should follow on from the Season 1 episodes number wise, just like Battle Frontier in AG and Orange Islands and Johto in OS.
  2. Dragon Char's Avatar
    On their forums, yes. On the site, no. They have their own numbering system that counts from the very first ep of the anime in general. Anyway, the people I was debating this with seem to believe that the title change is enough to warrant a separate numbering system. I don't believe "Season 2" is enough to be considered a title change. I know that other anime tend to have a subtitle if they intend to count it as a new show, which does seem to be what they're doing with "Season 2". I argued that it could be either since it was still Best Wishes regardless of if you added Season 2 or not, but they seemed to insist the title change was to be counted as separate. I found that the fandom has no one numbering system and they all have their own way in which they do things, so perhaps it's best left to your own judgment as to how to number it. I personally believe the entire "Season 2" business to be hogwash. The marketers can delude themselves all they want. It's still Best Wishes. The saga did not end. Even if it did, it'd still be BW anyway. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

    Also, I am also confused as to what gets included as a "special" episode and what isn't.

    Anyway, I got off track up there. My intention is mainly to stir up an inquiry. Our system was based on production numbers, but we do not possess the numbers for anything from "Season 2". I want to know what they label it.
    Updated 23rd October 2012 at 02:43 PM by Dragon Char
  3. Pidgeot's Avatar
    Yeah but to be fair, I don't see any problem with how they number the Season 2 episodes. The only gripes that I have are with them not counting certain episodes as episodes, etc. I just personally think that BW Season 2 is no different to Battle Frontier, eg. it should be counted as the second half of BW just like BF and nothing else.
  4. Dragon Char's Avatar
    Well, another issue I've seen is if an ep is skipped, does it still count in the episode numbering? I don't have a personal preference, and I don't recall if the production numbering had counted skipped eps before, but it's something that I see people picking at from time to time.

    I also did some research, and the two eps considered special in the original series are called so because of a scheduling error caused by the hiatus. They were aired out of order in the raw, but it is clear that they were supposed to be aired at another time. Without specifics, I guess it's unclear what eps they were supposed to be.

    Fun trivia: The official site doesn't list eps 54-57 at all.
    Updated 23rd October 2012 at 04:09 PM by Dragon Char


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