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So I Begin College.....

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by , 22nd August 2012 at 06:42 PM (338 Views)
I move in tomorrow. I still plan to come here every now and then.

It's terrible....I can't bring games to college cause some guys might jack them, so there goes my favorite kind of escapism. Move in process is going well, I'm packing up my stuff, not a lot when I think about the stuff generally.

I also got a Windows laptop, ultra paranoid now since Windows tend to have more scripted viruses, but as long as I have Chrome and AVG 2012 free version, I should be fine, right....? If I don't visit bad sites anyway....

It's also terrible because I recently picked up The Last Story, but can't play it cause I don't wanna stop in the middle of it and dread about it throughout college.

Speaking of games....a lot of game announcements are happening while I'm moving to college...such as this.....I hate you much...

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    I bring games to college, and as long as I lock the room nobody takes them :/ maybe it's different where you go, I dunno. Anyways, good luck at college! I'm in my 3rd year, and although it can be rough at first, it's an amazing experience and definitely better than grade school.

    Fire Emblem is amazing by the way. Wyvern Lords, Berserkers, and Druids forever!


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