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FE 6X's 1st blog

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Hey person/people reading this blog. Basically in my blog, just post any questions for me and I'll try to answer them ASAP. Mainly questions about me.

Note: This is my 1st blog I've done in my whole life. So expect me to make mistakes in this thing.

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  1. Excellent's Avatar
    cool, what's your favorite game in the arcade?
  2. X Dragoon's Avatar
    I haven't exactly gone to the arcade....I'll give it a try I guess then I'll report back.
  3. Excellent's Avatar
    sounds good :)
  4. X Dragoon's Avatar
    Ok....Snake was fun.
  5. Excellent's Avatar
    yeah thats my favorite too. ^_^

    whats your favorite Video game console?
  6. X Dragoon's Avatar
  7. The Fake Psychic's Avatar
    Who's you favorite character in FE6?
  8. X Dragoon's Avatar


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