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Chappy 3.

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I decided I might as well post chapter three of Team Wacked-Out Hairstyles, which is a little more serious than the other two.

The Book

A woman sat on her bed, legs pulled up to her torso, her thin yet strong arms wrapped around her knees. Her blank red eyes stared at nothing, her ruby hair out of its normal position. She was mumbling something to herself, something about the good old days when things never seemed to go wrong, except for when that snotty-nosed kid named Dawn who kept messing up her plans showed up. Perhaps there was a way to relive those memories, and to cherish them with her very life till it slowed to an end.
Mars never thought she’d feel so depressed.
Her eyes felt heavy from loss of proper sleep, her shoulders sagging from exhaustion, her expression dull and bitter. She pursed her lips. ‘If only I could find that photo album.’
Yeah, she kept an album for placing pictures. It went back from when she was probably only fifteen or so, just starting out in Team Galactic as an orphaned Grunt whom was the first to reject the bob-cut hairstyle recuired for lowlier members. She smiled, remembering the first day she ever joined. She had been really scared, but got along with the Boss and the other members fairly well, and made quick friends with the slightly older Jupiter.
If only she could turn back the clock.
Wait. The clock. On her bedside table.
Her bedside table drawers. She never really used it, so it could’ve been years since she opened it. Something clicked. ‘My photo album! Maybe it’s in there!’ A new excitement racing through her veins, she got off her bed, stretching out her arms to reach the first knob, opening the top drawer. It was empty, except for an old ink pen and some yellowed paper sheets with messy scrawl scribbled on the tops. She gently closed it. Mars tried the second. An old book of hers lay in there solemnly, with dust on the cover. ‘War and Peace..... I forgot I had this.’ She gently blew the dust off the top, smiling as if at her own child. She used to read it. A bookmark with faded color stuck out about three centimeters from the end. ‘I never finished reading that one.....Later, Mars, later.’ She closed it, and opened the final bottom drawer. Her eyes lit up.
Her album. It was a dull, faded black cover with a red heart in the middle. It was almsot too large for the drawer itself. Mars pulled it out, her heart thundering. In her age of twenty-six, she could only remember opening this book when she had been a member of Team Galactic. That’d been over six years ago.
She sat criss-crossed on her red-carpet floor, placing the heavy album on her petite lap, opening it slowly. A cloud of thick dust floated towards her face with every page she turned. Weak coughs escaped her throat, and tears filled her eyes.
Pictures of her mother and father, now deseased, pictures of her former partner, a large female Luxray, also deseased, adorned the first few pages. The life in those pictures, of her running about her backyard, chasing her Luxray, its fur black and blue and gold, glowing radiantly in the sun.
Her Luxray had died in a thunderstorm when it gathered too much electricity in its body. Luxray fell ill the next day, and a week later, passed on to the little dream forest lands in the sky.
She smiled at the pictures she’d taken of when she first joined Team Galactic. She wasn’t much shorter than she was now, only by like two inches. Her smile faded when her eyes locked onto a picture of Saturn. Saturn. She’d completely forgotten about him.
You see, when Cyrus had failed on top of Spear Pillar, Jupiter and Mars had left with him, not once telling Saturn of their departure, whom was still waiting intently back at the HQ for the return of his friends he’d never see again.
She remembered his attitude mostly. A very laid back, calm, cool, collected, yet goofy guy who spent way too much time on his hair in the morning. And she also remembered his strange fetish for cookies and chocolate. He couldn’t get enough.
She remembered the wild parties she, him, and Jupiter used to attend to in the big TV room in the middle of the Headquarters. They’d pop some R rated movie in the DVD player, and gourge themselves with popcorn, pizza, and beverages. Jupiter felt disgusted by the fact that everyone acted so inpolite and retarded at those parties, often being her cynical self and telling them all to hush and for the girls to cross their legs and for the boys to stop belching explosively, including Saturn. He’d just smile goofily and continue burping in her face till Jupiter got mad enough to slap him across the cheek. Mars used to smile all the time at those parties, laughing so hard sometimes it felt like her gut would pop out her mouth.
Mars sighed. As wonderful as those memories and photos were, they just made her feel worse. Yet she was compelled to continue.
She turned another page. She burst out laughing. Cyrus’s birthday photos.
One picture was of her, Jupiter, and Saturn suprising Cyrus as he walked through the door. The photo had been snapped right as Cyrus was surprised. His eyes were widened, and his mouth was opened in a silent scream of protest that he should not be feeling like this in such a way. It was a rare moment indeed. Cyrus never got surprised, agitated, upset, lonely, heppy, or even excited. He’d never felt love, he’d never felt how good it was to smile, he’d never known how amazing it felt to be happy. And that snapshot frozen with that facial expression brought a smile to Mars’s lips.
The next picture depicted was the ingestion of the cake, which Cyrus refused to eat, because he didn’t believe in sugar. Saturn and Jupiter had bluntly stated: “More for us!” Mars had a feeling the three commanders had a better time than Cyrus did at his party.
His gifts had been relitively appreciated, especially the Zen Garden and Advanced Level Rubix Cube he’d recieved from Mars. Not so much the Pogo Stick and flame decorated biking helmet he’d gotten from Saturn. Jupiter had offered up a 50 dollar iTunes Gift Card a new Laptop for Cyrus’s leasurely moments of time when he had nothing else to do. The Grunts had all sent cards and dark chocolate for Cyrus. It was really the only dessert Cyrus ever digested.
Mars flipped through the final pages, feeling hollower and lonlier than before. She no longer could spend time with her old friends, because she’d decided to head off on her own. What a terrible mistake that’d been. She realized she really missed her fellow Commanders, her boss, the Grunts....... Her parents, her college friends...... All of them. Gone.
She climbed back up onto her bed, after placing the album back in it’s bottom drawer and sliding it gently closed. She sat there, staring at the ceiling, waiting for something to happen. Her patience was rewarded.
“Don’tchya’ wish your girlfriend was HOT like me? Don’tchya’ wish your girlfriend was a FREAK like me?” Her ringtone went off. She took her hot pink cell phone from her pocket, and flipped it open. The caller was..... A smile spread across her face. She pressed talk and put it to her ear.
“Hey, Jupiter! How’s it going?”

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