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So I haven't blogged in a while so enjoy some boring stuff about my recent life.

Only one more exam left :D Quite pleased about that as they've been the most stressful ones yet due to outside factors. Seeing as it is the last one I have sort of lost the motivation to revise. Normally I would be scared into doing work but I think I'm just mentally tired or something. It also signals the end of secondary school for me (it has its own sixth form) so I'm a bit sad about that. It shall definetly be weird to no longer go to the place after 7 years as I really enjoyed my time there. University should fill the void, though I'm not looking forward to it or expecting much. On that note someone told me that they thought I'd enjoy it and be a success. Sadly they said their goodbye to me as well. I liked them a bit more then I should have.

Man flu is officially the worst thing ever and should be erradicated from existence if possible. Having it since Tuesday has really got on my nerves and it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for stupid examination invigilators. If I am there half-dying at the desk and have actually answered all the questions then you should let me go! They are allowed to as I've been allowed to go early before. Maybe they just wanted me to die to inject some excitement into their lives as the games that they apparantly play don't sound that interesting.

I made a new youtube account around two weeks ago. My former one wasn't anything special as it had no uploads plus I didn't really like the username so I deleted it. My new one has around nine uploads I think, nothing much. The time to upload can be frustrating, especially if it is two and a half hours just for one video. By a miracle I have two subscribers already despite my uploads being at least a day behind other competitors. Hopefully I shall stick with it.

The animé forum has been kinda quiet recently, and that equals boring. As Piplup said, it is because the league is around and it is mainly just battles with nothing much to speculate on. I really hope that the episodes are good to compensate. I've been lurking a bit on some of the other forums to see if I could pass some time there but nothing really gained my interest. The BW forum isn't really my thing and I prefer to lurk in a certain shipping thread rather then contribute. At one point I actually went to that other place and let's just say that a legend died 20 minutes into their experience there. They were rating the Grass starters with the number of wins that they had despite some of them existing hundreds of episodes more then the others and not thinking of using some other data to rate them on. Then some people were complaining that Torterra was pathetic for its display in DP181 even though it was obvious that it was done for Buck to step in and be the hero as it was his episode. Thankfully the servers cut out and saved me from mental implosion.

Spyro 3 is not available on the Playstation Store despite it being available in North America for a while. I find that infuriating as this game (IMO) beats Call of Duty and Halo 3 and mindless stuff like that. While I do still have the disk of the game, time hasn't done it any favours and it will refuse to load the last boss. Grr. I really wanted to ride in that flying saucer and feign crashing into the lava. Oh well. I might get Assassin's Creed 2 if I can be bothered but apart from that gaming has been a bit lifeless in the past year or so. I crave the decent platformers from years back that made me love Sony as much as I love my parents.

AlwaysArguing has taken a bit of a blow this week. When one of the people involved says "Sorry, I'm sick of his ridiculousness... I'll just laugh and move on, maybe throw a short line here and there" you just know that the ship may be at risk of dying. Here's hoping that it is just a temporary spat.

TY hasn't been on recently :/

And now I'm probably boring you. See ya around.

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  1. DashingFox's Avatar
    :D. You'll trump that last exam for sure.

    I feel the same way about leaving 6th from and going to University. I don't expect much at all.

    The flu dos indeed suck D:. I've had it so many times this year its almost normal now. Feh.

    Anyways, get rid of Sony stuff and play moar Wii :P
  2. Iteru's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DashingFox
    :D. You'll trump that last exam for sure.
    I'd rather just not turn up :P

    I feel the same way about leaving 6th from and going to University. I don't expect much at all.
    I think what I am dreading the most is befriending new people. I'm fine doing it online but in real life I suck at it.

    The flu dos indeed suck D:. I've had it so many times this year its almost normal now. Feh.
    I think I would have lost the will to live if I had it more then once.

    Anyways, get rid of Sony stuff and play moar Wii :P
    :O I would never kill my baby/parents! I do have a Wii but it hasn't been used in over a year xD I only really played Mario Party 8 on it.
  3. DashingFox's Avatar
    :O :O :O

    Well dust it off then! Use that magnificent device moar. Get some games like Brawl and Mario Kart :B
  4. Iteru's Avatar
    I do have Brawl. It sucks :P
  5. DashingFox's Avatar
    .... OMG.

    Dude, I think you just shattered my heart D:

    That's the worst thing anyone has ever said :bawling:
  6. Iteru's Avatar

    I've just never got any enjoyment out of it. It is too easy to just get an item and win.
  7. DashingFox's Avatar
    ;_; I was actually hoping you would post something along the lines of "teehee, I was kidding- I LOVE IT"

    Sniff. Do you have wi-fi? Maybe I can make you like it.
  8. Iteru's Avatar
    I choked when I read that display of enthusiasm :P

    I don't have WiFi sadly :/
  9. DashingFox's Avatar

    Ah well. Like it still! There must be somthing to change your mind. Not liking brawl is like not liking being human D:
  10. Iteru's Avatar
    There is nothing that could change my mind on that worthless game. The stages are awful and some of the characters are horribly broken compared to others.
  11. DashingFox's Avatar

    My eyes now bleed :'(
  12. Iteru's Avatar

    So my words are causing you physical pain?
  13. DashingFox's Avatar
    They most certainly are ;_;

    Brawl is like a part of meee *shot*
  14. Iteru's Avatar
    Brilliant! My job is fairly easy then ;)

    Oh dear lord...
    Do you snap as easily as the disk does? I sure hope so :P
  15. DashingFox's Avatar

    You cruel fiend! *Burns a Playstation at the stake*

    You will like brawl! :D
  16. Iteru's Avatar
    *smashes a Wii with a hammer*

    The Playstation doesn't sound as if you are talking about urine, therefore it is better.

    And no, I shall never like that terrible, terrible game. I cannot wait for the day that the Smash Bros series dies.


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