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I head Anime so this is of course a tl;dr

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I head Anime so this is a tl;dr

Today is the anniversary of when I became one of the heads of Anime, in a Provisional Co-Heading position. I was offered the role from Musashi, who wanted to focus on Admin duties. With Dogasu heading the section for around 4 years at that point, and my predecessor doing such a good job in the section and out of it to be made Head Administrator, it’s a really tough act to follow with big boots to fill.

Honestly, I think I’ve got one of my feet somewhat comfortably in the left one and the other one just isn’t fitting. This time next year we’ll see if I’ve got it in there okay, or torn right through the end of it.

With that in mind, overall I’ve enjoyed being Co-Head of Anime. It’s a section that if it was a human would be diagnosed with multiple personality disorder; some days it’s hilarious, some days it’s serious, some days its furious and others it’s just in its own little world (after snorting a couple of lines of cocainefangasm). It’s kinda influenced me. There’s been this recurring issue though that is:

How do you solve a problem like Best Wishes?

Though it’s not a problem with the show itself, it’s how you solve the rifts it has. Dent vs Iris, DP vs BW, quick pace vs slower pace, more captures and less showcasing. People generally seemed quite comfortable in DP (okay, maybe others and I trolled a bit :P) but for BW there’s a lot of differing opinions and people get annoyed. I think it’s safe to say that’s the right boot. We’ll see if the new rules help in that regard, or at the very worst, pray the next saga doesn’t have such mixed opinions.

Regarding the left boot I think that’s the day-to-day responsibilities of being Co-Head as well as more of the behind-the-scene decisions like reformatting the section and thinking of new things to do. There’s not really much to elaborate on that, and the things that I could do are mainly non-public at the moment. I’d say the most successful thing was the Season 2 Current Events forum. We really wanted to give a lot more breathing room for everyone to talk about it and I think it worked out great. Definitely going to suggest another similar forum for when the first bit of info about the next saga is revealed. I’ve got another big project that I really want to propose to you guys and I think a lot of you will like it but the timing needs to be right for it to be effective. Fans of one of the older sagas will like it a lot ;] (and no it’s not my own personal favourite one :P)

So because probably no one has read the above and mainly wants to see what I’ve wrote about some select people, here we go xD The following mean the most to me as a Co-Head:

- The guy obsessed with Maylene’s feet. May you find the answer you seek…somewhere else.

- The BW2 Animated trailer. I’m sure you will cause many realistic expectations of the Anime for years to come.

- N. Somehow you are the answer to Best Wishes’ problems and need to arrive asap.

- The ageing process. Satoshi when you become 11 I cannot wait for the big amazing changes it will bring to your character.

Okay, here are the real ones xD

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Updated 11th August 2012 at 06:33 AM by Iteru



  1. Aestivate's Avatar
    ruru-kun you're so tsundere :3
  2. Iteru's Avatar
    i'm not a tsundere.

    and i'm not always uke, before that comes up xD
  3. Musashi's Avatar
    Aww that was so sweet Iteru. ;_; Locks you in a cage so you'll stay a mod forever. I've enjoyed working with you so much as well, and I'm glad I helped give you confidence to do this job. I don't want to think what anime would be like without you.
  4. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    You were an awesome boss, and I still feel bad for leaving the place since I loved working with y'all. Thanks for helping me in my beginning stages of modship and for what you wrote; it means a lot. :)

    And if/when I watch the show again...maybe...:P
  5. Hidden Mew's Avatar
    That's so nice of you to say Iteru. Thank you. I've enjoyed working with too and I'm glad that I've had a good start as a mod here. You've been extremely helpful in showing me the ropes and I really appreciate that. That has made the transition to being a mod here more comfortable for me. I hope that we get to work with each other more often and that we're definitely on the staff this time next year as well.
  6. Bluelatios's Avatar
    So a big new project is on its way huh? Can't wait to see it ^_^. And yeah, here's hoping the new rules help ease the tension and that the next series is better received.
  7. Hellion's Avatar
    Aww @Iteru; You know I had a blast modding alongside you and the others, not just because you're just really nice and hilarious, but also because of how fair and effective you are. You're doing a great job and you'll continue to do a great job. ;)
  8. CommanderPigg's Avatar
    Most people know that I guzzled the Chanpagne before modship
    What does that even mean? That sounds dirty. u baka.
  9. Aestivate's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderPigg
    What does that even mean? That sounds dirty. u baka.
    silly chan
    obviously it means youxiteru shipping
  10. Dogasu's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind words!

    I don’t think they’d nearly be enough of a section as there is to Co-Head with you gone and I really hope I’ll be able to Co-Head with you for another year or so.
    That makes it sound like my employment here has an expiration date :P
  11. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dogasu
    That makes it sound like my employment here has an expiration date :P
    You weren't supposed to know that yet.

    Just kidding.
  12. Trainer Yusuf's Avatar
    I’ve had here on Bulba are spent fangasming over characters,
    You don't say?


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