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The crap that flows down the Nile, #1

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by , 31st May 2010 at 11:32 AM (331 Views)
So in the past two weeks I've been dabbling with social groups which I had never really gone to before. They're pretty cool, set up a couple of my own and are overall quite fun. So I thought I'd continue the trend and have a go at blogging. As I am completely unoriginal I shall just bore you with my thoughts around BMGf and in general with life. There's also a stale English muffin a cookie if you can explain the title of my blog.

So here goes:

The Animé forum has become quite lively recently, not necessarily for the best. Quite a few arguments and comments are being thrown around, most likely due to it being the last few months of DP. I of course and not helping, it's pretty funny to get involved at times and usually it is more fun to participate then be part of the audience. I consider myself pretty lucky not to have been infracted yet for going off topic.
On somewhat related news I am actually considered to be somewhat of a Libby by one of the regular members. Careful guys, if you aren't cool enough to be in my crew then I shall set my posse on you .

Following up on that, I have also been defaulted to being female. I know that there are no links or anything to my profile when you see my name so maybe I could forgive you not going to check my gender on there.

For some more boring news, my first examination in the summer starts on the 14th June. Luckily I only have to do four of them as I got quite a few done with in January. I was fearing that I would have to resit the devil known as Core 3, which is a Maths module. I just managed to scrape a B in it which is what I wanted. Everyone else is resitting it so I feel a bit bad for them. Computing on the other hand is a different story, apart from one other guy everyone else in the class are arseholes. I look forward to hearing that they will be re-doing Year 13.

It is tempting to rip off everyone else and do a 'guess the user' blog. Some of the more popular users have been done to death as answers in those games so I'm glad to see that they are getting harder and more obscure.

I'm very glad to say that the first ever social group that I created a few weeks ago now has fanfiction in it with another user saying that they are writing one as well. It is worth a read, group is viewable to non-members, link in sig. /Shameful advertising. I definetly have to say that the social groups are good. Definetly don't care if the clubs go anymore.

So yeah... That's my first blog.
Linking tropes is kooky and fun.

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  1. DCM's Avatar
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    welcome to the blogs!

    I'm glad i've never set foot in the anime section of these forums xD
  2. Iteru's Avatar
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    Thank you!

    That might just be something to maintain. I lurked for a while, made one or two posts and then got hooked. You really cannot leave them once you're in.


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