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Journal of a Devil_Hunter

  1. Beverly Hills!

    I'm going to Los Angeles for the weekend. See my grandma, eat at Tia Glayd's and Top's Diner... the usual.
  2. Summer! And the Gang's All Here!

    Well, we came back in Arizona little after noon. Like six minutes or so. In any case, I had a grand time in Boston. Saw the sights, enjoyed the food, and loved the shopping.

    And back in Arizona, little has changed: it's still hot as hell!
  3. I've Been Incline

    Well, today wasn't such a hot day for me today.

    First, in Fenway, when I went to get soft serve ice cream near the 7th, they ran out of cups, so I had to pay 75 cents extra for a souvenier cup in the shape of a helmet. At least the D-Backs lost to the Red Sox.

    Second, I got water my mom didn't like due to an aftertaste in the water that reminded her of plastic.

    Third, prior to game time, me and sis went to the nearby Pru to shop a bit before Ma picks us ...

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  4. Good Times Never Seems So Good

    Well, I had just came from Fenway Park, rooting for the Boston Red Sox beat the Arizona Diamondbacks. We arrive late into the First Inning, so I don't know if they got booed because of Jan Brewer's immigration law.

    In any case, I saw a cast member of SNL when I went looking for soft serve. Can't remember who it was. We sang "Sweet Caroline" at the middle of the Eighth Inning. It rained an tiny bit, so it wasn't enough for a rain delay.

    In the end, Red Sox won, ...
  5. Sweet Caroline

    Will be heading to Boston for two weeks starting tomorrow. Mom's bringing us over there for attending a medical conferance of sorts. In any case, I will watch the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Boston Red Sox at Fenway. This is going to be my first away game. Plus, my mom's a D-Backer and my sis is a Sox Fanatic, so I decided to go along as the man in the middle.

    I just hope Arizona doesn't get booed out there on Fenway.

    In any case, I might have access to internet ...

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