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Beyond pissed

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by , 24th October 2011 at 09:36 AM (269 Views)
Well, you guys reading are probably going to have a field day with this: my mom expected me to go to my work in a wet uniform that was washed but not dried. That's right: she possibly wants me to possibly contract pneumonia because I forgot to put them through the drier AS A FUCKING PUNISHMENT!!!!

....So. I was having none of it, but I was faced with a delimma: go and suffer, or stay and lie? I went with "lie." I lied to my job coach that I got a hoarse throat, and I felt so guilty about it. He's a real nice guy going though a real rough time in his life, and me lying to him over the phone really made me hate my petty mother all the more.

....*Heavy sigh* It's times like this I wished I was born a normal boy with a normal brain.

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