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Missingno. Master Presents; The Greatest Blog In The World!


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I am Missingno. Master, and I am greatness. Not to brag, of course. The Order of the Glitch strives to make Glitch Pokémon equal to those other ones, you know, the "official" ones, and this shall be achieved soon. Very, very soon. Team Rocket rules! Yeah, I know, this blog entry is little more than my aimless ramblings. Gimme a break, I'm new at this.

Did I mention that I am greatness? I know I did, but I just wanted to reiterate the fact that I am greatness. Not to brag, of course.

Future blog entries of mine will possibly have stuff of actual interest and/or notability in them. Possibly. They could also concievably contain blithering nonsense. So if the latter is true, don't say greatness didn't warn you. Cause I did. OHHHH! See? I just reminded you all a third time that I am greatness, but without actually saying it! However, just saying that there kinda takes away from the cleverness of it... ****.

(Note that I didn't actually swear- I just typed in four astericks to make people guess what I just put there. Wait, I just gave that away. **** (Yes, this one's actual swearing).)

I guess the meaning of a blog is for one to post their thoughts, so lemme give it a shot. Bacon is good. I consider eating hot peppers and not showing weakness to be a sure sign of manliness. I think peppering conversation with occasional swearing spices up a conversation, unless of course you're speaking to your older relatives who can punish you for that sort of thing. I will mastermind a historic revolution to make Glitch Pokémon equal to "official" Pokémon, finally realizing the lifelong dream of the Order of the Glitch, and the poll on the capitalization of Glitch Pokémon is only the beginning. I don't get why one shouldn't scratch their *** in public. I am greatness. I see Friday the 13th as an opportunity to sell supposed good-luck charms to the superstitious suckers I go to school with. Math class was the best sleep I ever had. Homework is stupid. Groundhog Day doesn't get enough publicity (the holiday, not the movie). Public flatulence is funny. Heck, flatulence in general is funny. In fact, why am I speaking about it in such a sophisticated manner? This is a blog, not some stuck-up country club. Farting is funny. Farting in public is funny. Fart fart fart. Yay.

Admit it, sometimes you want to just say "screw manners", and fart in public, eat your pasta with your fingers, drink chocolate pudding through a straw, and belch out a 2.6 magnitude earthquake, am I right? I know I do. But I generally don't, as my whims are generally controlled by my common sense and my sense of decorum.

I can burp the alphabet. Big deal, you say? Anyone can do that, you say? Well, how many people do YOU know who can burp the entire alphabet... IN ONE BURP??? HAH!

And on that loving note, greatness now ends this blog entry.

(see, I did it again. Oh, and that second set of four asterisks? Gotcha! That wasn't actual swearing, just four asterisks I typed in to FOOL YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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  1. Jayc's Avatar
    BMGf doesn't have a profanity filter.
  2. Blazevoir's Avatar
    Wow. You're so modest...*/sarcasm*


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