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MM's Fantastic Nuzlocke Run Part I- It Begins

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by , 18th January 2011 at 12:33 PM (296 Views)
I starts up Ruby version, first making sure I don't have anything valuable on my previous file. Sure enough, I had a Jirachi. After Pal Parking it and five other things, I restarted the game, and began the Nuzlocke run.

The beginning of the game went as you'd expect it to. Set the clock, withdrew the potion from the PC, met May, and saw a Poochyena chase Birch around. I chose Mudkip to eliminate the Poochyena, which was achieved with two Tackle attacks. Now, I count Mudkip as coming from Littleroot, as that's where Birch officially gives it to me. I initially was going to nickname Mudkip, but nothing I could think of sounded anywhere near right, so I said "Screw it," and decided not to nickname anything.

After I did the whole thing with battling May and getting the Pokedex, I began my journey. On Route 101, my first encounter was a level 2 Wurmple, which I caught with ease. I stopped by Route 103 and grabbed the first Pokemon I found there, a level 3 female Wingull. Then it was on to Route 102 for a capture, some tedious grinding, and as it turned out, my first tragedy.

My Route 102 capture turned out to be yet another Wurmple. Shortly afterwards, my poor Wingull was ended by a critical hit from a wild Zigzagoon's Tackle. It was with a heavy heart I deposited Wingull in the DEAD box. I decided to avenge Wingull's death by training Mudkip and the two Wurmple even harder.

Much tedious grinding later, I made my way to Petalburg City, and watched Wally catch his first Pokemon (lucky bastard found a Ralts on his first damn try!), then I proceeded onward to Route 104, where I procured a Zigzagoon. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be, as Zigzagoon fell in its very first battle, against a Wingull, whose Water Gun I had misjudged the power of. One of my Wurmple finished off the Wingull. As I went to deposit Zigzagoon right next to Wingull, I noticed it had picked up a Nugget before passing away.

A little more training took place after this, during which both of my Wurmple simultaneously evolved into Cascoon. Cool! Then I made my way into Petalburg Woods, where lady luck favored me greatly. My first encounter, you'd think would be a third Wurmple or another Cascoon or something. Nope. I gots me a Shroomish! As I type this, Shroomish has grown to level 7, and just learned Stun Spore.

More updates to follow.

Shroomish (male) lv.7
Cascoon (male) lv.7
Cascoon (male) lv.7
Mudkip (male) lv.8

Wingull (female) lv. 3
Zigzagoon (female lv. 4

I just noticed that all of my living Pokemon are male, and both casualties were female. Coincidence? Or a sign that I shouldn't get too attached to my female Pokemon? You be the judge...

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