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Missingno. Master's Fakemon part 2; 30-49

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by , 14th November 2011 at 03:53 PM (272 Views)
Name: Darkloud
Classification: Storm Cloud Pokémon
Type: Dark/Flying
Name origin: Dark and cloud
Ability 1: Intimidate
Ability 2: Drizzle
Hidden Ability: Unburden
Dex entry 1: Groups of them gather to cause rainstorms. Its presence is revered by farmers.
Dex entry 2: Wherever it goes, rain follows. Scientists plan to export flocks of Darkloud to the Orre region.
Dex entry 3: The rain it causes is affected by its mood. The sadder it becomes, the weaker its rainfall.
Appearance: A black cloud with a single white eye in the center.

Name: Cloudred (evolves from Darkloud at level 28)
Classification: Thunder Cloud Pokémon
Type: Electric/Flying
Name origin: Cloud and dread
Ability 1: Intimidate
Ability 2: Drizzle
Hidden Ability: Unburden
Dex entry 1: When it appears, it causes a great thunderstorm. Its nickname is "The King of the Clouds".
Dex entry 2: It strikes down its prey with massive Thunderbolts. Then it swoops on the fallen prey and devours it efficiently.
Dex entry 3: Its jagged fangs pierce flesh with the greatest of ease. It also fires electricity from these fangs.
Appearance: A larger Darkloud, with a pair of fangs protruding from the bottom. The fangs are shaped slightly like lightning bolts. It also now has two eyes.

32: Luvdisc

Name: Cupidisc (evolves from Luvdisc when leveled up holding Love Arrow)
Classification: Cupid's Arrow Pokémon
Type: Water/Flying
Name origin: Cupid and disc
Ability 1: Swift Swim
Hidden Ability: Lightningrod
Dex entry 1: When it zooms forth and jabs a Pokémon, that Pokémon falls in love with the next thing it sees.
Dex entry 2: It floats in midair despite not having wings. Its saliva induces feelings of infatuation.
Dex entry 3: It thrives on feelings of love, and devotes entire days to making others fall in love.
Appearance: Luvdisc, but with a longer, pointier mouth, and a thin brown tail protruding from between the two rounded parts of the heart. It ends in what appears to be a smaller, faceless Luvdisc.

34: Wynaut
35: Wobbuffet
36: Pineco
37: Forretress
38: Drilbur
39: Excadrill

Name: Psybal
Classification: Eyeball Pokémon
Type: Psychic
Name origin: Psychic and eyeball
Ability 1: Levitate
Ability 2: Mold Breaker
Hidden Ability: Bad Dreams
Dex entry 1: A complete and utter enigma. It appears in old ruins and dark alleys to put opponents to sleep.
Dex entry 2: Its diet is comprised entirely of dreams. It seeks out people and puts them to sleep to eat their dreams.
Dex entry 3: Despite its bad reputation, it dislikes violence. It hates inducing nightmares, but must eat them every so often to survive.
Appearance: A spherical form of an Unown's eye. Roughly the size of an Electrode.

Name: Failthetic
Classification: Incompetent Pokémon
Type: Normal
Name origin: Fail and pathetic
Ability 1: Insomnia
Hidden Ability: Vital Spirit
Dex entry 1: A laughable excuse for a Pokémon. It is utterly and completely worthless.
Dex entry 2: Its battling skills are virtually nonexistent. It is incapable of defeating the weakest opponents.
Dex entry 3: It excels in only one area; its memory. A Failthetic never forgets anything.
Appearance: A small egg with four stubby, beige legs and a face like a Ditto. Its abilities are those because its entire movepool consists of Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, and Splash.

Name: Poweroar (evolves from Failthetic at level 89)
Classification: Ultimate Pokémon
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Name origin: Power and roar
Ability 1: No Guard
Dex entry 1: It doesn't rest until it has exacted revenge on anyone who tormented it as a Failthetic. It only obeys kind and patient trainers.
Dex entry 2: Normally even-tempered, it shows no mercy on anyone who made fun of it before evolution. Its power is absolute.
Dex entry 3: It only shows loyalty to kind and patient trainers. If one is obtained by an uncouth trainer, it will not obey at all.
Appearance: A bright blue Failthetic, ten times the size of one. A large tail comes from its backside, and it has a large mouth lined with fangs.

43: Darumaka
44: Darmanitan
45: Woobat
46: Swoobat
47: Koffing
48: Weezing

Name: Giraferno
Classification: Fire Neck Pokémon
Type: Fire
Name origin: Giraffe and inferno
Ability 1: Flash Fire
Ability 2: Inner Focus
Hidden Ability: Sap Sipper
Dex entry 1: When the spot on its neck goes up in flames, the power of its fire moves is greatly increased.
Dex entry 2: The red spot on its neck is the hottest point of its body. It unleashes intense flames from this spot.
Dex entry 3: Very peaceable, it dislikes fighting. When confronted, it instinctively shoots flames from its neck.
Appearance: Picture Girafarig, but the whole body is yellow, and the tail doesn't have its own head. The neck is longer and has a large red spot on the front. The head lacks the odd horn-like things a Girafarig has.

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