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All your Elite 4 are belong to me.

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So the other day, I was playing my Blue Version. And I decided, more or less for shits and giggles, to try and take on the Pokemon League with just one Pokemon on hand. Never done that sort of thing before. I went for it, just me and my .4. Sure, it was level 100, but to add to the challenge, I resolved to not use any healing items. At the very least, I'd use a Max Elixir just before taking on my rival, and even then, only if necessary. .4's moves are; TM28, Hyper Beam, TM05, and Dragon Rage. Yeah, yeah, I know, Dragon Rage. I fully intend to replace it with something else, it's just a question of what.

Anyway, first there was Lorelei. .4 started off by maxing out its Evasion with a few uses of TM05, and then went to town, taking out her entire team with a series of well-placed TM28s. I Hyper Beamed her Dewgong, though, just for the hell of it.

Next came Bruno. Real pushover. Onix couldn't do diddly as .4 went for TM05 again. One TM28 later and Onix was down. I took out either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan with Hyper Beam, but not both. I don't recall which one. Everything else fell to TM28. Due to its imperfect accuracy, it took a little longer than I would have preferred, but it worked out in the end.

Then came Agatha. Here's where it got a little tricky. Due to the high Special of Haunter and Gengar, it took quite a few uses of TM28 to take them out. Arbok and Golbat only needed a Hyper Beam each, though.

Next was Lance. I was starting to get a little concerned, for .4 was rapidly losing PP for TM28, and that was my main attack. After the usual boosting of Evasion via TM05, Gyarados fell to a single Hyper Beam. I took out the Dragonair with repeated use of Dragon Rage. Both Dragonair. As for Aerodactyl, it took a few tries, but .4 OHKO'd with TM28. Finally, Dragonite fell to a single Hyper Beam (for those of you keeping count, that's six times Hyper Beam's been used. I had used a single PP up for that attack, so it only had six PP). Once I had claimed victory, I used a Max Elixir on .4, as it was nearly out of PP for TM28, and completely drained as far as Hyper Beam.

Finally, my rival. I had started this game very long ago, back when I still called my character ASH and my rival GARY. So, Gary brought out Pidgeot and I brought out .4. Did the usual thing with TM05 before attempting TM28. It missed, but here's the weird part- Pidgeot used Mirror Move, and instead of copying TM28, it used Selfdestruct! Missed, thank Arceus, meaning one down and five to go. The match was pretty easy from that point. Alakazam fell to a single Hyper Beam. I accidentally selected Hyper Beam against Rhydon, but after the recharge turn, another use of TM28 was all it took to KO it. Arcanine and Gyarados were similar pushovers. TM28 and Hyper Beam made short work of them. Finally, there came Venusaur. One use of TM28 was insufficient, so .4 followed up with Hyper Beam for the KO.

Not the most thrilling experience, given how easy the level difference made it, but using nothing but .4 was definitely an interesting change. It's easy to forget how specially defensive Haunter and Gengar were back then. On the other hand, it was quite easy to remember that Levitate didn't exist back then either, when I would wipe out the Elite 4 with my whole team, and sweep Agatha's Ghost-types with Missingno.'s Earthquake. Cloyster was tricky, too- I usually rely on h Poke's Thunder for that. So, yeah, it made for an interesting experience, overall.

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  1. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Wow nice, don't think I could do something like taht.
  2. Pain Split's Avatar
    If it counts to use a Glitch Pokémon, does it count that I took out the Unova elite four with just a Wondereye?


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