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404 Error- now with author commentary! Chapter 6: Challenge Of Rewept Gym

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by , 29th June 2013 at 10:47 AM (269 Views)
Welcome back! Today, we cover the sixth chapter of 404 Error, in which the gang finally gets to Rewept City, where their first Gym battles await them. Now then, without further ado, here we go!

Chapter 6: Challenge Of Rewept Gym

Team Debug's well-intentioned yet still potentially disastrous extremism is another trait they and Team Error share with Teams Magma and Aqua. In this case, Team Debug had orders to burn down Ivadirin Forest in order to make all the Z4 go extinct. Naturally, this doesn't go down that well with anyone with half a brain. And Orange. I kid, I kid, Orange isn't stupid- he's just highly impulsive, which in turn can give the impression of stupidity.

Speaking of Orange, yeah, I made him a comically loud snorer. A large part of his personality is that he is annoying, so this seemed fitting. Naturally, Violet has gotten into the habit of wearing earplugs.

I had a bit of fun with the Tanko region's menu. It was actually a suggestion from a reader what gave me the idea to make numbers edible. I had previously introduced them as a form of plant life, but I hadn't considered making them available as food at that time. Each number corresponds to a different real-world food, with odd numbers corresponding to meat, and even numbers corresponding to fruits and vegetables (except for zeros). Zeros are bagels, twos are carrots, fours are oranges, fives are hamburger, sixes are blueberries, eights are tomatoes/ketchup, and nines are bacon. I never went into detail on what ones, threes, and sevens correspond to in the story, but ones are ham, threes are chicken, and sevens are turkey. It's not a terribly diverse menu, but the people of Tanko like it just fine.

Red's suggestion of all three of them battling the Gym Leader at the same time is a subtle throwback to another of my fanfics, The Adventure of Adventureness, in that that's exactly how the main characters tackled Pokémon Gyms. Of course, remember, this takes place in a time before Double Battles were a thing, so yeah.

As you've probably already guessed, Minerva got her name from the word "mineral", which is why I chose the name for a Rock type Gym Leader. Most (if not all) of the Tanko Gym Leaders are the opposite gender of their Kantoan counterparts. Notice I didn't get specific- I'm not giving anyone any hints about the final Gym leader if I can help it. Fairly major plot spoiler there, you see.

And Orange is the first to battle Minerva. I uphold the tradition of the Rock-type Gym Leader using a Geodude, though I was considering using a fossil Pokémon on her team somewhere. And there were no Rock-type glitch Pokémon to choose from- none legitimately obtainable, anyway (which is all I'm going with). Don't even mention the Johto Guard Glitch- that requires G/S/C, and this takes place before that time. They're effectively Generation II Pokémon, as far as I'm concerned.

TM09's animation is that of Fire Punch, but it's way more powerful and makes the user faint. So I interpreted this as the user catching fire, then there being a catastrophic explosion upon the user slamming into the foe, which would be what KOs the user. I think it works pretty well.

Here we see where Minerva's team differs from Brock's- she has a Rhyhorn. That's not saying very much, considering it's still the same type combination as Onix, but like I said, there weren't many options. Also, I kinda wanted to keep the first Gym as simple as possible.

Show of hands- who else has ever been screwed over by Bide? I know I have. I remember being a little confused at those turns where Onix didn't do anything, and then being shocked at the powerful move what that followed. I wrote Rhyhorn's use of Bide with that in mind.

With Disable, I didn't stay true to RBY, but rather, I gave it the effect it had in future generations- strictly speaking, it should disable a random move of the opponent's, when in fact it consistently disables the last used move, to the point where Orange starts working it into strategies. I have no excuse for this.

And Orange receives the Gravel Badge and a Bide TM! Now it's Violet's turn- Flutters vs. Geodude. Except Violet uses a decent strategy here- she slows down Geodude with Flutters's String Shot, which allows Chompy to set up Growth with more ease. It was a good strategy, too, only Rhyhorn's Bide kinda crapped all over it. Doesn't it just remind you of your first Gym Battle, and Onix Biding all over your plans? Anyway, now all Violet has left is her Metapod against a Rhyhorn. Not good.

...And then Flutters evolves into a Butterfree, the one and only Bug type Orange isn't afraid of. The rest of the battle is taken care of quite easily due to Flutters's newly learned Sleep Powder and Confusion attacks. I wrote this bit while thinking of when Ash's Metapod evolved into Butterfree. I kinda wanted to give this scene a similar feeling.

And with Violet winning her Gravel Badge, we come to a close for today. Stay tuned for Chapter 7!

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