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404 Error- now with author commentary! Chapter 5: Meet Team Debug

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by , 28th June 2013 at 11:50 AM (175 Views)
Welcome back! Today, we cover Chapter 5, in which, as the title suggests, we are introduced to one of Tanko's criminal organizations. They're not a pleasant bunch, but don't take my word for it- read on and see for yourself!

Chapter 5: Meet Team Debug

...And the shadowy figure is a Team Debug grunt! Team Debug's uniform... well, take the typical outfit of James of Team Rocket, replace the red R with a green D, and that's pretty much it. Team Debug seeks to rid Tanko of Glitch Pokémon, having been led to believe that doing so would "restore Tanko to its former glory". Exactly what is meant by this is never really explained. But then, Team Debug is staffed almost exclusively by the exceptionally gullible, and for that reason exactly. Ah, but I mustn't say more, or I'd spoil a decent chunk of the plot...

I always felt that Tangela was kind of an underused, underappreciated Pokémon, so I decided to pit one in battle against Red here. This is not the last we'll see of this Tangela, either. And yes, as the Vine Whip attack it used would imply, Yellow version movepools are taken into account here.

On that subject, here you may notice something for the first time- an official Pokémon using a move it could only get back in R/B/Y. Namely, Tangela's Skull Bash. When I first started this, I had toyed with the idea of including stuff from all generations, but it was around here where I definitively decided that this fic would take place in Generation I alone. Keep it simple, you know?

As you can see, Team Debug grunts aren't exactly the brightest Staryu cores in the sea. This guy didn't realize that Red, Orange, and Violet weren't with Team Error until after the battle, and he realized this with stuff he could've taken note of before the battle, as Orange points out.

I don't like Team Debug. I drew inspiration for them from every noob on the internet who claims that Missingno. will screw up your game if you so much as encounter it. And to a lesser extent, everyone who doesn't believe that glitch Pokémon count as real Pokémon. No offense to any of you out there. I'm sorry, but if you can catch it in a Poké Ball, if it takes up space on a Pokémon team, and if it can be used in a Pokémon battle, it's a Pokémon, regardless of whether it was intentionally put into the game or not.

If I found myself transported to the Tanko Region, with the option of choosing a starter from Professor Redwood, I would pick 44Hy, no question. Having a Psychic type by your side this early, it's just awesome. Orange's 44Hy proves that here by holding the grunt in place. Of course, it didn't go quite so smoothly, given that he called for backup as soon as he was able to, but still!

I had to include the "You will not like Mankey when Mankey is angry" line in its Pokédex entry. Could not resist.

These sorts of all-out melees are pretty chaotic and hard to follow. My paragraphs which cover these sorts of battles are much the same way. Not intentional, but it's still somewhat fitting.

And now we see what is quite possibly the quickest a Trainer's starter has ever progressed to its final evolution as Orange's 44Hy evolves into Q. I pronounce Q like the letter Q, by the way. Pretty sure most (if not all of you) do the same, but I'll be informing you all how I pronounce the names of the glitch Pokémon, so I'm just keeping it consistent. Anyway, in Yellow, 44Hy evolves into Q starting at level 6, so this shouldn't really come as that much of a surprise to those of you who explore these glitches.

Here's something that if the readers ever picked up on it, they kept quiet about it- Will and Lou, the only named Team Debug grunts? I named them after Abbott and Costello. They are basically to Team Debug what Jessie and James are to Team Rocket, minus a wisecracking English-speaking Pokémon companion. I was considering making a motto for them to recite, but I decided against it in the end. But anyway, we'll be seeing them again.

And with that, we're done with this chapter. Tune in next time when we cover Chapter 6!

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