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Apparently, losing the Poison Type and becoming prettier (Even though your "opposite" was already pretty enough) turns you into a Purity Sue.

Apparently, having passion for something such as Pokémon Battles, where you end up crying after you lose, means you're dumb. By extension, emotions are dumb.

Clearly, people should learn what words actually mean before uttering stupid statements like these.

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Updated 30th January 2011 at 08:55 PM by Orion-Sama

Pokémons , Rants


  1. Rakarei's Avatar
    My favorite is the Hank Hill facepalm.
  2. Kars's Avatar
    haha batman
  3. GoldeenTail's Avatar
    In b4 internet fight.
  4. Mitsuru's Avatar
    MFW I saw EFG.
  5. Yamato-san's Avatar
    I gotta say, in all the time I've spent with them, fanfic communities have gotta be one of the most incomprehensible bunches I've seen (and a fanfic community within the Pokemon community? Holy fuck). Honestly, throwing terms like "Sue" around like it's nobody's business. Putting some emphasis on "overused" Pokemon and how you shouldn't use them.

    The moment I got away from them and just start talking to people I deemed reasonably intelligent and informative on the subject, I learned a lot more about comprehensive story-telling than I ever did before. Who gives a shit about Sue and cliches? It's all about execution, dammit. This is why shows like Gurren Laggan, Nanoha, and Star Driver can be so awesome despite being built purely on crap that's been done before.


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