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Force Fire

Twister. A Review.

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The user whips up a vicious tornado to tear at the opposing team. It may also make targets flinch.

Twister is a Special, Dragon type move that deals 40 Hp damage to the opponent. This does not sound like a move that can do an OHKO against an opponent (Unless it's a level 2 Rattata), but if the opponent is in a semi-invulnerable position (Like Fly) it does double the damage. It also causes the target to flinch, and flinching is a favourite second effect of mine.

Though the thing that gets me is that it is a Dragon type move not a Flying type. I guess it is just an excuse from Game Freak so there could be more Dragon type move.

I have used the move Twister several times, mostly from Dragonite, but it isn't all useful to me as there are other powerful Dragon type moves such as Dragon Pulse and Outrage.

That's it kinda. This move is rather bland and uninteresting. I give it a 5/10. Mainly because of it's odd typing. But the fact that it causes double damage to opponents using Fly or bounce and makes them Flinch kinda saves it.

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
    Even with doubled damage, Twister does less than Dragon Pulse. There's no saving such a weak move.
  2. Force Fire's Avatar
    True. But it's that small thing that makes it an average, ok move. Or else I would've gave it a 4.
  3. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    It also hurts both opponents in double battles.
  4. Gligar13's Avatar
    I thought you meant the Movie judging by the title.
  5. ht14's Avatar
    Haha, just reading this now... you're referring to Dragon Rage for 40HP damage... it has 40 Power though.


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