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Force Fire

Reading through my Fakemon dex entries

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And I realized that I've given them some pretty brutal dex entries. Like, seriously, my Fakemon are freaking murderers.

Here are some example of the brutality of my Fakemons.

Ragoon: The final form of the Grass Starter. Based of a Raccoon mixed with a thief concept

If its bandana falls off by accident, it will still go on a violent rampage. If the bandana were to be destroyed, it will go insane.[/B]
Motharge: A moth like Pokemon that is the final form of two of the regional bugs

It releases toxic dust from its wings whenever it flies. Inhaling the dust can lead to severe poisoning.
Ninjack: Based off a Cactus with a resemblance to Pokey of the Mario Bros. franchise

Once a Ninjack has passed on, fellow Ninjack would take its body pieces and use them as their own.
Vodaptank: An Electric type Adapter/Octupus thing...

[Dex 1]One tentacle shoots up to 750 watts of electricity. Altogether, it has 52 tentacles.
[Dex 2]It creeps up onto unsuspecting prey and tangles them with its tentacles. It then sends an electrical surge into the prey.
Bouldrock: A rock. A Geodude expy

It sits quietly in caves waiting for someone to accidentally step on it.
Poltain: A poltergeist pokemon

Legend has it that these Pokémon are actually souls of children kidnapped by a witch 250 years ago.
Cometail: A comet like pokemon

The trails of fire it leaves are capable of burning a whole rainforest down in mere minutes.
Tadghoul: A ghost pokemon

This naughty, yet playful Pokémon scares anyone just for fun. It mostly scares children.
Scaroul: The final form of Tadghoul

Its three head are said to represent Jealousy, Rage and Insanity. Which head represents which is still a mystery.
So... I guess my Fake Region can be compared to Australia in that everything is trying to kill you. Even the Pokemon.

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  1. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Well to be fair the pokedex is bullshit.
  2. DracoMan's Avatar
    I take it you're a troper as well, judging by the everything-is-trying-to-kill-you bit.
  3. BlackOsprey's Avatar
    These honestly don't sound much more brutal than real Pokedex entries. But like Phoenixphlare said, the Pokedex is bull.


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