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Flamethrower. A Review

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It has been a while. I might actually start doing these more, if I get the time. The last two "reviews" weren't really a good review to read, so I might redo them in the near future. You are welcome to critique though

So, what do I talk about in my reviews? Well I target 3 things:
1. The effects, description (such as PP, Power and Accuracy)of the move
2. The animation shown for the moves (either in the game or anime)
3. Usefulness of the move

They all get a score out of 10.

Let's begin shall we?


The target is scorched with an intense blast of fire. It may also leave the target with a burn.

Flamethrower (かえんほうしゃ Flame Emission in Japan) is a fire type move introduced in Generation I. It belongs in the special category which makes perfect sense, and is of course a no brainer, as a Flamethrower is a device used to create fire and is depicted as being shot from the mouth in the anime.

The Power of the move is alright as flamethrowers are rather dangerous and capable of destroying and killing. The PP and Accuracy for me isn't really pleasing. To have a move with 100% accuracy and having to go through 15 of them only sounds good if you had the advantage, thankfully you won't see too many trainers with flamethrowers in their moveset. The effects? I won't talk about that, as that is just too obvious to even explain.

The way it is shown in the anime and games are pretty much spot on. An intense flame is simply released from the mouth. Though where it is shot from in the games animation is rather inconsistent (as seen in the image above; The flame comes out of Cyndaquil's head) and it's because of these inconsistencies that I'd like to see separate move animation for different Pokémon in future Hand held games, not just 3D games.

The usefulness? Oh God it's very useful. 3 reasons. 1) It's a TM, which means you can teach it to any Pokemon without the need to level them up (this is of course in Gen V's case where you can reuse TMs). 2) It's Power, Accuracy and PP makes it a sure OHKO (if you're at the advantage that is). 3) It's extra side effect is a plus for those Pokémon that don't or didn't go down easily.

In conclusion. Though there are far stronger moves out there such as Overheat and Flare Blitz, but those moves have a rather unpleasant side effect. I still use Flamethrower and always will. No matter how much stronger those two moves are, Flamethrower is much safer.

Effects: 8/10
Animation: 10/10
Usefulness: 10/10

Total: 28/30

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
    You should see the animation in Black and White (the games). It's visually okay, all things considered, but at the end, it makes a sort of "smacking" sound that's decidedly uncharacteristic of a stream of fire.


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