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How to Fix Bulbacast

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, 30th December 2009 at 04:29 PM (308 Views)
Ok, I've been going through the Old Bulbacasts (as in the season four ones), and I've come to a series of conclusions on how to fix that train wreck.

1) Post more Casts! If someone can't record, record without them. If it's a solo cast, that's ok, just address that you'll be the only voice for that podcast.

2) do not be afraid to invite other people to the podcast! If someone is capable of adding something to the Podcast, and can be there for the recording, add them! Let them Stay and add another perspective!

3)don't Be afraid to lose a castmate.There are a few HUGE problems with the Podcasts that have been posted, the most notable being The lack of Chemistry between everyone. No one in either group clicked well enough. Worse yet, there were members who added nothing important. Drop the sore thumb casters

4)Content. Let me breakthis down for all of you. The Video game and Anime sections easily have far more posts than the other sections, yet you waste 45 minutes on The Trading Card game and the Manga? There's a reason no one posts in those sections, and it's because no one gives a crap about them. Hell, I've read the majority of Special and didn't care enough about it to enjoy the conversation about it. Know your listeners. Talk about the Anime and Games more, and Dont ignore the metagame. Its byfar the most interesting part of the fandom.

So in short, new cast nembers, update more, and better content. Try that out for size.

*PS: why can I still see the studio section? I thought that was staff only?*

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  1. Sublime's Avatar
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    5 stars for you sir.
  2. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
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    The reason that most people don't talk about the manga is that Special seems to dominate all talk of it. Not to mention that it's only recently that English speakers outside Singapore got any Pokemon manga.

    It's a vital part of the fandom, as is the TCG. We're not going to dismiss them. With any luck, it'll get people interested.

    My biggest problem with Bulbacast is that we have spades of technical problems. I CANNOT record or even listen to that static and metallic whining I hear when I get on with people.
  3. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    Yeah. Its not topics or anything thats wrong, its just technical problems and timing issues.
  4. Sublime's Avatar
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    How do you guys record?
  5. DCM's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by AiedailEclipsed
    Yeah. Its not topics or anything thats wrong, its just technical problems and timing issues.
    See, that's anoter issue. The topics are also an issue. They, for lack of a better word suck. And trying to generate interest in them does nothing when no one cares about it. You're appealing to a fanbase that is minute insead of the broader one


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