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OMG, I killed Bulbagarden!


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I tried to run my computer and I couldn't. When trying to get more in depth of the problem something exploded. There was no fire, though. Just some smoke. And stink, of course.

I hope that my hard drive is okay. If it's not, years of collecting, playing and creating are lost. The files that survived so many HD formats are gone forever.

I'm angry as hell. I have to use my old comp (which currently my parents use but not too eagerly. It's too motherfuckass slow).

I hope that nothing big happened, at least with HD. It's probably the power supply which exploded. I don't feel like unscrewing my comp. I'm not into that at all. No one at home is. I'm probably just gonna give it to repair service.

Who did it? Was it teachers' conspiracy to get me into study more often?
Or maybe it's a message from the God that I should get a life.

I don't know... Just hope that the hard drive is okay.

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  1. Blazaking's Avatar
    You should back up your stuff just incase.
  2. Maxim Posthumus's Avatar
    Too late.

    But if they survive I'll try to do back them up somewhat. I'll just have to remember to update that backup regularly.