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  1. PlayStation Now: My thoughts

    Source Article: Sony PlayStation Now launches open beta version - Technology & Science - CBC News

    So, on July 31st, Sony released an Open Beta for Playstation Now, which is a subscription-based service for the PS4 which allows you to stream PS1, PS2 and PS3 games (With PS4 titles being considered.), and each game is individually priced in the following increments (Though some games might be cheaper or more expensive than the norm.):

    • $2.99 for 4 hours.
    • $5.99
  2. SEGA The Dream Fighters: Part 10: Beat's Moveset


    Debut: Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast '00)

    JET SET RADIO!!!!!! From the mean streets of Tokyo-To comes the leader of the BB's, the Rudie Beat! He's come to claim the Dream Fight as his turf, bringing his slick skates and stylish spray paint along for the ride. With a unique rhythm that's all his own, he brings a style to the Dream Fight that few can attempt to match.

    Beat is an unorthodox ...
  3. This is a joke, right?

    by , 5th August 2014 at 05:37 AM (Where the mortals write their blogs.)
    So my usual day to day Tumblr browsing brought up this:
    Have some cats with your social justice - Of course it’s no freaking wonder that half of...

    I read the entire thing to see what he was talking about, of course I think it's completely wrong but I found it interesting. As this person is a prime example of what seemed to be the majority of people's reactions from playing Pokemon X and Y it gave me an insight as to what people really thought and now I am not surprised as ...
  4. My planned Alpha Sapphire team...

    I've played Pokemon through every generation but I was 2 to 4 when I was playing Gen I and II so I didn't clearly get the concept (Just had my Water starters blast EVERYTHING) but I was old enough to understand it when I got Sapphire. I started building my team with decent moves to teach and even found out the shinies when my starter Mudkip was shiny :D and have kept it through all my games and is awaiting its return. I never went back to spamming my Water Starter in any other games except in Diamond ...
  5. Had a pretty bad day today

    Just had one of those days where I felt useless, worthless, insignificant, etc. Picked up at the end and for a bit in the middle, but still.
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