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  1. So I'm reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for the first time today.

    After bumming off other people's Kindles for quite some time, I've finally purchased a nice refurbished Kindle Fire HD 8.9" for myself. (Sidebar, if you have an Amazon Prime account, you really should get yourself a Kindle. It complements a Prime account so well and the additional perks are really good.) And now that I can borrow a book from the Kindle store every month, I picked Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for my July book. ("Boo hiss it's not Philosopher's Stone the original ...

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  2. Stuff

    So bored. I haven't even had the motivation to post a blog lately. D~: Life hasn't been exciting at all for the past couple of months. It's just a whole lotta boredom. School is closing in, which I'm somewhat happy about. I'm happy to go back and see some old faces, though I know I'm going to get piled with shit and I hate it because I was just at the fruckin building for seven hours so why the fruck couldn't you have just given me time to do it there because i am so fruckin tired and i don't want ...
  3. For Dogū

    He was caught on this day in 2012. He met his potential teammate and Trainer in a dream and awoke to find them in a glade. With one toss of the Ball, he was no longer alone. For a short time, he was happy. But his Trainer worked with him for a little while then grew tired of him. Or perhaps she didn't want to train him. Or maybe she knew he was worth more to her as potential trade fodder. In any case, he was surrendered to the GTS, the price of his freedom was worth a Legendary. So now he would ...
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  4. A couple things the Autumn Hype Train can't remedy:

    - Losing Eli in Platinum. I'm down to Gabite, Lopunny and... er... I forgot who else. But yeah, Selphie finally evolved! About darn time.

    - This weird headache I've gotten as a result of some strong, unpleasant smell. Just took some Advil for it though.

    - My vision's going all funny. Not sure why, but I bet it's thanks to both the aforementioned headache and hyperfocusing on screens.

    - One of my fish dying suddenly. Don't really know what happened... ...
  5. Man, I have been slipping with these lately.

    Shown particularly by the fact that I opened up a new blog, then completely forgot about it. Just end up distracted by other things. Plus life has been boring as of late. Haven't had much to talk about. My friend did receive that present from the last blog though, and she loved it. :3
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