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    It might feel like I'm laying on the blog posts a lot, but this one is seriously important. One might even call it a public service announcement, if it wasn't on a blog that only gets hits when it's on the sidebar.

    So, I was reading this article on IGN, mainly because it's hilarious and I find reading through IGN comments to be hilarious. However, I came across one that...wasn't. In fact, it kind of made me lose some faith in humanity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonyisgod69
    I just want to say thank you colin
  2. Headcanon: Prof Sycamore and Mom (Grace)

    1. When Mom gets the letter, she assumes it's a love letter.
    2. The letter smells of pleasant perfume
    3. For some reason, we can't check the contents of the letter...
    4. Mom almost immediately sends us out of the house after reading the letter
    5. Mom is single
    6. Sycamore tells Mom about how he wants to talk to me somewhere, when he could have just told me myself (Holocaster much?).

    Headcanon: They might have dated when they were younger. Then broke up ...
  3. Tempris' Alteration to the Type Chart and moves

    The first page we'll look at is the alterations of previous content:

    Type Chart Alterations:

    Ice now resists Water (to make them contradict each other).

    Fire no longer resists Fairy (that shouldn't of happened in the first place, IMO).

    Fairy no longer resists Bug (Fairy resisting an not-so-good offensive type was putting salt on the wounds).

    Move Alterations:

    New Power: 70
  4. Well now my brother's gotten sick

    Also, protip so you don't make the same mistake as him: if you need to hurl, make sure you are not lying down. Get up as soon as possible. Or be ready for a shower. Self-explanatory.
  5. Exp Share Ruins the Pacing in XY

    Okay, so I just got XY a few days ago, and I've been playing it like hell to the point where I've beat the game. And I have to say, towards the end of the game (around the time you get to Anistar City) the pacing is off. Seriously, by the time I got to the Elite 4, my Pokemon were almost Lv. 70.

    So what caused this? As far as I can tell, the root cause is the Exp Share. With all of your Pokemon constantly gaining Exp throughout the game, there's pretty much no need for grinding in ...
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