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  1. Why there are two breaks on New Year and not one in the Pokemon anime?

    Note before reading: This blog is only to explain the obvious thing that they dereased cost of the anime recently by various eways. I don't know what exatly happened. Some of the ways could not be 100% true.

    Question that I'm trying to answer now.

    In 2011, apparently the Pokemon Company 1) lose money, 2) gain money but not the desirated. I'm inclining for the latter option and I think that TPC is winning money in Japan in all dates except maybe the months prior to ...
  2. I finished watching the first season of Orange is the New Black

    That's some compelling television.
  3. ~New Move Ideas~

    Blah, blah, introduction. Insert it here.

    Anyway, I have some ideas for moves! Be free to steal these for your own ideas, these aren't one of my 'keep' ideas.

    Name: Chaotic Rush
    Type: Dragon/Physical
    Power: 130
    Accuracy: 50
    PP: 10
    Effect: 50% Chance of confusion.
    Flavour Text: Ramming into the opponent in a angry, chaotic charge, the opponent faces damage and a high chance of burning.
    Learned by Ampharos, Kingdra, Spinda, ...
  4. Finally!

    So I finally had the money to go get Animal Crossing: New Leaf today. It's actually my first Animal Crossing game, and so far, it's pretty awesome. I do admit that I kinda maybe sorta tricked the clock so my house would get built faster.
    I might have some trouble playing it due to the fact that I'm an extremely impatient person. But, I will manage. I was just getting bored because I only have Pokémon games and a Scribblenauts game.
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