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  1. Helio's reactions IV!

    -Why is the new villianous team Orange Star from Advance Wars?
    -Holy frigin craples I need dem Panchams...
    -Pure-typed version mascot? HOENN CONFIRMED
    -Steel/Electric cybernetic Gym Leader. So much win.
    -Also, mandatory Rock-type leader.
    -Yveltal is Dark/Flying. No one saw that comeing.
    -Squids. Still better than Frillish.
    -The other two Pokemon are cute. They look like fan concepts...
  2. The new Team is Team Flare

    Okay I don't know how to feel about this. I mean it is in my username. And I know it is spelled differently but still. Yes I'm aware that I no one ones words but What if I'm not in to them. I mean I'm not the most keen on Gen 6 designs compare to the epicness of gen V. Hopefully the more badass ones are coming later. Also I think adding a new type now is pretty uninspired. Not to mention based on it's ridiculous alleged type relations I think it causes more problems than it solves and if Dragon ...

    Updated 11th July 2013 at 01:34 AM by Phoenixphlare

  3. Pokemon Speedrunner werster's quote of the day

    Get'em, Sandshrew!!!
    ~ werster 2013, after getting caught by Anthony in Crystal, getting the god luck vs. Geodude,
    falling just short of Raging Machop to death with no Crit, and sending out slave Sandshrew, but that
    managing to survive an attack and KOing it.

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