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  1. That moment when....

    You login on a PC and not on Bulbamobile, which is super slow but watever, and see that you have a shit load of new likes. Like 50. Thanks guys!
  2. So many story ideas.

    I have like three Pokémon fan fic ideas running inside my head right now.

    Idea #1: My most ambitious idea is set in the region of (Sinnoh/Kalos). It revolves around many changes that have occurred in the world of Pokémon due to a great number of scientific and technological advances; trainers are now pumping their Pokémon with drugs (so to say) to make them stronger, some even illegal while a famous company is working in shadows, conducting genetic experiments on Pokémon and humans ...
    Pokémon , Random
  3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 31: A Whole Month of Doing Nothing

  4. It has been a while since I've got 0 comments in a blog post...

    Oh, man, what am I typing to keep activity up...
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