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  1. Never go full idiot

    Extreme Pokémon: The Guide For The Ultimate Fan has a quiz where it pits two Pokémon against each other.

    The answer for Golem vs Pikachu:
    "Pikachu will win, because Water-Type Pokémon have the advantage over Rock-Types."


    Finally, school ist out! Now we can party!

    Updated 22nd January 2014 at 12:01 AM by Helioptile

    Helio IRL
  3. We are such filthy people...

    Alright, so how many people here have an Xbox controller? Well, take a tookpick and run it through the lines/creases of the controller and realize how much of a filthy person you are.

    My sister and I tried it. It was gross. There were these clumps of dead skin and grease all stuck in the creases, and we had to go through about 4 toothpicks just to get it all out. o_e
  4. Top 5 WalrusGuy Videos!

    You probably know WalrusGuy, the creator of many Youtube Poops. I am going to choose his five best videos. This is just my opinion. It was hard to choose the best ones since there are so many good ones.

    5. Rapunzel 2008


    This video, based on an old anime about Grimm's Fairy Tales, is quite funny. It starts off by saying "in the middle of a deep forest, lived a b*tch named Rapunzel." Then the narrator ...
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  5. Mandatory Out-of-School Blog

    Finally out of school. Whoopdee-doo. That concludes the mandatory blog stating my obviously high level of excitement, which I'm sure you can clearly see.

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