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  1. Well, I'm leaving for college again.

    I'll be absent for two weeks once more, hopefully less, but when I return, I'm starting my summer break from college so hopefully I can become more active here.

    Now, to get some studying done for the finals. Wish me luck!
    My Life
  2. To those who say Iris and her Dragonite aren't OP

    Iris beat Dawn who beat Ramone who made it into the top 4. You know that number Ash only got up to once. So unless Stoutland is significantly weaker than the rest of his pokemon or Piplup is way stronger than Mamoswine or Ramome did some uber training in that short time or everyone his quarter sucked or combination of these I call bullshit.
  3. So...

    I'm a complete and total dork.

    Here's why:

    Yes, that is me. Yes, it is me headbanging. Yes, I recorded it myself by propping my phone up against something and letting it record.

    No, I have no regrets.
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