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  1. Hi Bulbagarden, I bought a car

    I bought this today. Not the one in that picture, my own teal 1994 jeep. I just wanted to tell someone. There's a whole in the frame I either got to weld a piece of metal on or replace the whole frame on that side, have replace the metal heat protector around the gas tank and the guy I bought it from jerryrigged an air filter I got to fix.

    it's gonna be a good summer.

  2. Blogs

    I've tried my hand at them before, but never had any success.

    I guess the closest thing would be my Facebook Notes, so I'll try something similar here and hopefully branch-out once I get used to blogs.

    It looks fun, maybe.
  3. So, Pokémon XY anime in October.

    I'm sad, I wish it'd start earlier solely because I'll be starting my second year of college in October and I won't have time to watch these episodes regularly and I'll also miss all the hype and excitement surrounding this anime. :/

    At least I'm getting July, August and September of break (after I'm done with these upcoming finals -.-) so at least I hope I get to watch the final episodes of Best Wishes!

    As for my expectations: I'm actually grateful for BW now. XY cannot ...
    Pokémon , My Life
  4. I'm bored.

    And when I'm bored, I

    -play Final Fantasy I
    -do random shit
    -go on 4chan
    -go on youtube
    -go on the other forums I go on
    -play Dragon Quest I
    -work on my DQI map for Minecraft


    Also, I am making a DQI map in Minecraft, based off of the SNES DQI map. I mean, world map, everymap (I'm building it on SuperFlat, then, about 1000 blocks away or so, I'll do the cities and dungeons.

    But, I need help. It's hard to ...
  5. School Time is Back!

    Oh well...

    After the summer of me daily online on this place, school time has returned and which means...

    I'm going on inactivity again...

    Don't worry, I'll be here on maybe Friday or Saturday or even both.

    Although I may show up on different days, which is entirely random. Which depends if I need internet for homework of sorts.

    Okay, my inactivity will start on my Monday, my June 3.

    Okay, bye then.
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