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  1. Heart Gold Nuzlocke Pt 4 Bad puns and the Police

    by , 6th May 2013 at 12:34 PM (Pokemon stuff)
    See now I have proof silvers.jpg .... ether that or they just gave him a hair cut.

    Um I guess it’s a pet peeve of mind but I don’t like letting things go.

    Anyway the police showed up in Pro. Elms lab. Or pardon me one police man showed up. I guess when your FAMOUS Pokémon lab gets robbed they only dispatch one male officer jenny... He thinks I did it because ‘rule number 1. They always come back to the site *face palm* ...
  2. WOOT! My finals are final-ly finished for the semester!

    by , 6th May 2013 at 11:26 AM (Frost's Icy Blog)
    Yep, this morning was my last one. I have now officially completed my sophomore year of college. The finals weren't bad, mostly. Programming(basic JAVA course) and psychology were not hard finals at all, and math wasn't that bad either(aside from this one question), but circuits. God, that course was hell(and most of the students in that class agreed). The midterm exam in that course was ridiculous, as proven by the class average of 44 on it(I am not kidding). The final wasn't as ridiculous ...
  3. B. B. B. (BlueWartortle's Bandwagon Birthday)

    by , 6th May 2013 at 09:51 AM (Mega Bluestoise's Cannonblog)
    I overlay Age Bandwagon and BlueWartortle's Birthday to Blog Summon BlueWartortle's Bandwagon Birthday.

    Since my birthday is today (May 6), it is the best moment for me to get the "Guess my Age" bandwagon!


    1) Lots of people know about my age. Shush.
    2) DON'T wish me Happy Birthday, or else you'll get mentioned in my next blog entry :))
    3) ZEXAL fans only. I am going to change my prof theme to the ZEXAL Number card corresponding ...

    Updated 6th May 2013 at 10:41 AM by Zexy

  4. My last day of freedom

    by , 6th May 2013 at 08:59 AM
    I start school tomorrow. And I won't have internet access at my dad's, though, I'll still have access to Skype. I expect you to all play nice while I'm gone. Or go nuts and break all the rules so Shinobu can infract and get experience in hurting people.

    Save me. I miss being lazy and not doing anything all day ;~;
  5. How Old Am I?

    by , 6th May 2013 at 12:13 AM
    Tomorrow is my Birthday so now I'm curious how old people think I will be. So tell me how old you guys think I will be and if you already know my age then shush. Spoiling it ruins the fun.
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