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  1. WhaleTalk#1 An Average Day on GTS

    So I decide to hop on GTS from white 2 for the first time in a week to see how my offer is going. Still nothing, so I decide to check for what I'm looking for, a Mandibuzz, myself. And what do I get? Three "Level 9 and Under Reshiram". One "Deoxys Any". One "Celebii Any". And one "Blaziken Level 100". This is why I don't use GTS. You get the people trying to clone even though it has been fixed since Platinum, and the idiots asking for unreasonable trades. ...

    Updated 27th May 2013 at 12:27 AM by L.L.

  2. My eyes hurt.

    I'm finally in a writing mood, but this is acting as a detractor to it. I mean I can write with my eyes closed...but not the chapter I'm working on. Or something.

    Time to push through, then!!
  3. what if Pokemon villains joined BGMF...

    (this my interpretation on how things would go)

    Thread title: I got a question about the team plasma fanalie

    i saw that the team plasma episode was banned; the one where they were in different uniforms. how come?
    It was banned because I wasn't going to be in it to make my glorious debut! You see, that trailer was mostly focusing on my useless minions from our first game vs those blast Team Rocket idiots. ...

    Updated 27th May 2013 at 12:20 AM by みさあき

  4. Enzap's LeafGreen Playthrough pt. 3 - Sure is Misty This Evening

    In the last episode I had just exited Mt. Moon after collecting a Moon Stone and a Dome Fossil.

    The first major event that took place was teaching Tsuna the Charmeleon Mega Punch. I realized too late that I probably should have just gotten rid of Growl for it instead of Scratch.

    I entered Cerulean City and quickly found Stupid. He must have been trying to live up to his name since he had a level 18 Squirtle. I thrashed him good and I then made my way up Nugget Bridge. ...
  5. Black 2 Nuzlocke - Suggestions?

    With the death of Pulgasari the Lairon, I need a new team member to fill the void. Unfortunately, I can't catch anything else; I've been to every available area, and I've caught (or failed to catch, -_-') the first Pokémon in said areas. So that just leaves what I have in my PC. I'm considering training anyway, so the "new" guy's level doesn't really matter. Anyway, the list.

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