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  1. Technically, any day inside this month is...

    ...a day inside May.
  2. Not able to make new acquaintants because your only webjob is belittled and degraded

    ...without them knowing the one you're behind it.

    Come oooooooon, this sucks so big. I'm gonna cry.

    *on the flip side, I should stop caring*

    *but that requires leaving cyberspace, which would be very nice*

    *I s2g Pokémon has ruined me forever*
  3. There were like a dozen people at Taco Bell/KFC.

    It looked like there was entire sports team there. An east indian one at that. Like huh?

    By the way, I think the former changed their recipe? Something's definitely more off about it than say, three months ago.
  4. I am Junichi Masuda, ask me anything.

    With all these XY information leak trolls revealing themselves lately, namely mr. XY and that mage guy, I thought it would only be appropriate that the master information leak troll reveal himself as well. So yes, I am actually Junichi Masuda, master troll. Ask me anything.

    Since I know you'll all want some proof, this should be sufficient:

    Answers to some common questions:

    There will indeed be a new type, and it ...
  5. Duality

    Recently, a lot of people seem to have been arguing for Fletchling to become Fire/Flying, so we can finally have a starting/early bird that isn't Normal/Flying. While I don't object to that idea, I think you're forgetting a certain Pokémon by the name of Wingull. A lot of people seem to be dismissing Wingull, and I actually consider it an early bird.

    I also consider Poochyena to be an early rodent/mammal, like Zigzagoon, and this all stems from the fact that Generation III focused ...
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