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  1. Three wishes...

    I'm curious...what are three of your wishes in life? I mean realistic wishes, things that could potentially happen in your life that you want to happen.

    As for me...
    - My first wish is to become mature and strong enough to fend for myself, as well as be able to have a romantic relationship.
    - My second wish is to find a career that makes me happy, and that also benefits me in practical ways.
    - My third wish...although it's probably unrealistic.....is for someone ...
  2. This is nice

    Yes, I got The Last Story and Chrono Trigger.

    Excuse me while I play both of em'. :D
  3. Pokemon chronology - Do the Pokémon games follow real time dates?

    That's a bit of a curious question. What would dates in the real world have to do with the Pokémon games, and most importantly: if that were the case, then it must mean that the Pokémon world has some sort of relation to our world, bringing a second question into the soup (but first to need answering): is the Pokémon World an alternate version of our world?

    I, for one, think it is, and fortunately, it's not a crackpot theory, but I actually have some in-game evidence to support ...

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  4. My (sorta) Late 3rd Anniversary on Bulbagarden

    Oops. I thought I joined on May 10th 2013, but it's actually May 3rd. My bad. I don't know really what to write here, but yeah.

    This form is totally amazing. I (sorta) got a bit more mature being here. It's really amazing what you guys figure out here, with the whole mathematical side of Pokemon all figured out. For one thing, I definitally didn't know about competive battling before I join on here. There is just a bunch of other stuff to I'm amazed about, but I'm to lazy to write ...
  5. Heart Gold Nuzlocke Pt 7 Old bald men and bird’s

    I went through sprout tower and fought a bunch of Bellsprouts and Rattata’s. There were also some bald old men… er sages… I had to fight them to. Elder Li gave me TM flash after I beat him ( it’s good that flash isn’t an HM ) Cinder and Wooly were going to evolve but I stopped the process for some reason -_-

    Sooo off I got to beat Falkner ( man am I optimistic) it should be really fun.
    Falkner’s lackeys… students um whatever they are told me not to get too cocky ...
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