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  1. serious rant though

    Just saw an article about how they are giving Plan B to girls as young as 15 without prescription. I don't know but the comments... ;p

    Here's my thing. I'm not against the idea of having sex, which is what many kids like to tell me that I believe. I'm for the idea of being educated about it so that if kids decide that they want to, they know the risks. I personally am against the idea of 11,12 -15 year olds having sex though. But should they chose, they have to live with the consequences ...
  2. Enough Creepypastas for Today!

    While I was enjoying reading creepypastas somewhere on Facebook, I came across a picture. A scary picture. Too scary to qualify for creepy. It's pasta enough. I quickly closed the tab. I did not screamed or anything. It's waaaay too scary. I think I had my fear of the dark. Again. Sheesh, everytime I lose my fear, it returns...

    Now that I calmed enough, I think it was the TERRIBLY HORRIFIED version of Overly Attached Girlfriend from the memeworld. I was like, "Oh sheet, no the ...
  3. Well that was a good way to take my mind off things

    The fruits of all that grinding in FE13? 19-0 on Rogues and Redeemers 3. Only Flavia got KO'd, but everyone else held their own. Especially Cynthia. She's just batshit crazy all the time, especially here in how she killed all of Ike's group, all the fliers, and like 50% of Marth's group. Even when everyone else is strong she still carries.

    Also, I found it strangely gratifying to have Marth critstab the shit out of Katarina. Traitorous wench.
  4. Introductory Blog

    Hello one and all, my name is Koult45 (may be changing that soon), and I'd like to welcome you to my blog.

    I plan to start my own top 100 favorite Pokemon countdown, so I figured I might as well introduce myself before diving into this project.

    In this blog I will basically be introducing myself, and talking about everything, from my pokemon beliefs, to my actual, philosophical beliefs.

    First of all, I'd like to tell you my Pokemon story, since that ...

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