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  1. Mewthree??

    by , 6th April 2013 at 08:21 PM (A Pokemon fan's ramblings and other stuff.)

    This new Mewthree/ Mewtwo forme thing sure is interesting. I have mixed thoughts on it. It's just odd to me. If it's not a new form then I think I'll like it. At the moment being treated like a completely new Pokemon so if it really is then I'll be ok with that. If it's a new form of Mewtwo then that's kind of disappointing. I don't think Mewtwo really needs a new form , especially if the said form ...

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  2. Right/Wrong?

    by , 6th April 2013 at 08:09 PM (Soso's Territory)
    I don't get it. Was I right or wrong? I said that Mewtwo could never get a new forme because it's all about the new Pokémon, and Gamefreak would never introduce a new Forme for a Pokémon at the start of a Generation. I also went on a tantrum about how the Anime can't be trusted, but that's beside the point. If this is a new Pokémon, then I was right. If this is a forme of Mewtwo, then I was very wrong.

    Anyway, regarding it's design. I held off on giving my opinion regarding the ...

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  3. Maybe it's just because I'm getting over a cold, buuuut......

    by , 6th April 2013 at 08:01 PM
    I'm noticing something interesting about the new 'Mewthree' (or whatever it is):

    It seems to not only share features of Mewtwo, but also (and you guys will probably think I'm crazy for saying this) Genesect.

    Yes. Genesect.

    It's only in a few areas (like the red eyes, the weird halo-like thing around 'Mewthree's' head that reminds me of Genesect's cannon (sort of), the top of 'Mewthree's' ...
  4. Mewtwo (better say Mewfus) Hater Is Back!

    by , 6th April 2013 at 07:39 PM (Mega Bluestoise's Cannonblog)
    Annoying Bluish ΖΕΧΑL Turtle is back! Ranting about his 800 posts! And much much more!

    BTW, it looks like ranting about Mewfus has become a bandwagon, so here I come!

    Well, do you remember that "I hate Mewtwo and I even petition it" sig I made? Later on, I just said "Mewtwo is not my hated Poke anymore..." cuz I watched it's Level of Badass in M16 trailer. Yet now, we get a new Pokemon outta Mew and friends! With a .<no words> design.... ...
  5. i stand corrected...

    by , 6th April 2013 at 07:08 PM
    I guess I should never believe XYsan again, right?

    But yeah with Masuda-chan and the announcement, does anyone sense a pattern.

    Meaning is this new 'mon going to have "Myuu" (mew) in the name?

    Maybe since it's a new region the three part could be in french.
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