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  1. The Stunfisk Cult will be (formally) created later today

    Because living in our hearts and minds isn't enough.

    @Shiny Celebi;

    You guys all want to join, right? I forget if anybody else did, but it would be great if you could ask a few people you think might be interested. I wanted to have a Cult Voice Chat (on Skype) sometime, if we could maybe arrange that. ...
  2. Mewtwo Forme

    Guys, you should know by now.

    When has the Anime ever not caused a big disappointment? At the end of every Generation we get a lot of appearances of old Pokémon and characters in the Anime; what makes you think this is any different?

    I'm certain that no new Mewtwo Forme will be revealed in this Generation, or even created. If I'm wrong, then gloat over it all you want, but I'm really tired of every speculation I read being 99% sure. Always leaving the room for the ...
    Pokémon , TV
  3. [SubMas]

    Giant gif:

    I am still proud of the fact that I made this.

    ... yes, this is the first thing I'll post here after all this time. xD
    Art , Pokemon
  4. How Pidgeotto Defeated Onix

    When I was a kid, and I was playing Red, and my sister was playing Blue, I had very limited English knowledge. As the older one, she knew marginally better than me, but she didn't like reading text in video games.

    We both picked Charmander, and started our journey innocently enough. Got through the Rattata and the Pidgey that we faced, then the Caterpie and the Weedle, until we reached Brock's Gym. We knew that we had to beat him, but Charmander proved useless, and it was the only ...
    About Me , Pokémon
  5. the dream world house;

    it's alright....

    i liked the log cabin better.
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