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  1. Black 2 Nuzlocke - Part 03: Who Turned Down the Thermostat!?

    Some jerk just had to try and freeze me to death. How will that affect my first Gym Battle? Watch to find out!

  2. Minecraft LP Episode 7

    I don't know if anyone fell for my April Fool's prank, but here is the real episode 7. There are a lot of monsters.

  3. The Route (001) An Anomaly of Genetics


    For a brief period I wasn't exactly certain how to categorize Pokemon or any associating topics. No longer! I'll now be covering and discussing thoughts, opinions and speculation on Pokemon here; under the header and category of THE ROUTE. Obviously, we'll begin with Route 001 and see where it goes from there, probably ascending order, since counting backwards into negatives just seems absurd.

    Just so we're clear, the Route will cover my opinions on the ...
    The Route
  4. Yes, I am in your blog Mijzelffan.

    Cool, that exempts me from having to participate in your new challenge.

    As a reward, I'm giving everyone infinite chocolate. Enjoy!

    Now we can enjoy a world in which no one wants anything else ever. All power to the soviets!

    Updated 2nd April 2013 at 12:37 PM by Mijzelffan (categorized the blog. It was froakie who spoilered the image)

    Not Mijzelffan
  5. Who wants to join my blog?

    Not so fast, read what I have to say first (or skip to the tl;dr at the bottom).

    Today marks 1 year since @Neosquid; and @Zenax; battled fiercely in the finale of my blog membership challenge. They challenged fiercely alongside @TheMissingno.; @Baron Brixius; @Contrary; @H-con; @Truth is Elusive; Eponine ...
    BMGf , Fun & games
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