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  1. Monster MMORPG V2 2.0.7 - New super fast server and weekend event

    Version 2.0.7 Beta deployed on [url]www.monstermmorpg.com[/url]

    * Server migrated from Europa - Netherlands to Buffalo, New York, USA
    ---- So now game should be super fast for all those close to USA or have nice internet connection to USA

    * The new server is a lot better from the previous one
    ---- 2 x 256 GB Sata 3 SSD a raid 1 - super fast disks
    ---- 32 gb ram
    ---- 3.5 GHZ cpu
    ---- Latest frameworks
    ---- 1 Gbit Internet ...
  2. Pokemon Top 100 (60-51)

    I...got no witty commentary for this one, so let's just get down to business.


    Updated 24th April 2013 at 08:51 PM by Envoy

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  3. Woo! FE13 game get!!

    As a bonus, I didn't have to pay for the shipment upon its arrival! Now to quickly finish off Mystery Dungeon Crawler before I start up. And probably recharge the battery, too, given how many cutscenes its got.
  4. POLL#33

    If you could go into one anime, (ANY anime/manga..Because everyone knows the manga is better than teh anime xP) which one would it be? I swear to god, if any says pokemon they should get the hell off this site and find a different one, this forum is about donuts.
  5. Ok

    by , 12th April 2013 at 04:44 PM (I don't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because I hate you.)
    Let's get something straight.

    I don't hate anyone here, in fact I dislike very few people here too.. No one even comes to mind. And even if they did, so what? Personality clashes can be fun.

    I'm just busy with life, mainly studying, and I don't have much spare time. Spare time I do have usually go towards sleeping or the occassional reading which I've started lately.

    I however will hate you all if you keep demanding it.

    To conclude, ill ...
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