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  1. I am still around

    To anyone who might like to know, I am still around. I was gone for so long, playing WoW so I kinda stopped going to other sites and such, plus my RP muse seemed to have disappeared. However during most of March and last week, my internet was down, so I couldn't even play WoW or do anything, which was pretty much pissing me off.

    I just got it fixed today, not sure if it will stay stable or not but guess we will see now. But just letting yall know I am still around, still playing WoW ...
  2. The Sweet Embrace of Death

    Lately my life has been consumed by something. Something terrible and monstrous and evil and wholly time consuming.

    Dark Souls

    Hands down the single most addictive, most consuming, most maddening game I've ever experienced. Dark Souls is unlike any game I've ever played. In most games death means you were playing it wrong and did poorly. In Dark Souls death just means you're learning. Dark Souls is not a game that wants to frenetically whisk you from epic set piece ...
  3. Erika

    I never liked Erika. I used to roll my eyes at the mere mention of her. But now, I'm starting to actually like her. You know what that means? Fan-fiction time!

    But on a serious note: This is almost impossible, but I will try, TRY, to finish "The Barefoot, Fighting Genius!" during this year. Only 16 chapters and an epilogue are left of the story, so maybe it won't take that long...
    Pokémon , Writing
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