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  1. Follow Rule #1.

    Sorry but I'm going to have to use this blog for a quick PSA.

    This is just a friendly reminder from your friend TheMissingno. that it's always important to follow Rule #1. Here is yet another reason why it is so important:

    This has been a public service announcement from TheMissingno. Have a spectacular day, and always follow Rule #1.
  2. I really want Dawn back in the anime.

    The question is, why? There's three answers:

    -1. Because the writers tricked about her returning.
    -2. Because it's my favourite character of pokemon tied with Ash in the DP series (yeah...).
    -3. Because the series could resolve some of the issues that the series had.

    Well, in the BW series, Ash is the only star of the series while Iris and Cilan are sidekick. When she left the show, the writers decided that Iris will be on the show and that Axew will ...
  3. Gen. Chem. Reactions

    After all the stress in the month of February comes a brand new challenge for every start of the week, and March isn't different from all the expectations we're all imagining.

    I got the EPIC FAIL moment in our Lab today. Being a recorder is one of my hatest lab activity in the lab. For some reasons. Such reasons includes the type of calculation you were given and the fact that it is my waterloo.

    I can't believe that I haven't checked all my computations that time. ...
  4. Man, I've been feeling...I dunno.

    Flip-floppy lately?

    Hard to describe. Usually happens when my 3DS is charging, and by the way CHARGE FASTER 3DS GOD.
  5. Seeking insight on life?

    Here, have a paper towel.

    Today, my dad came back from the grocery store with some paper towel rolls, since we were out. They usually are just plain white. Boring, but they do the job well.

    These paper towel rolls have small pictures of butterflies painted on them. And they also have sayings running across the top and bottom. Here are a few examples:

    [quote=Paper Towels]
    - A good laugh is sunshine in a home.
    - Learn from yesterday, ...
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