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  1. oh my

    Ghetsis’ theme reproduced entirely with Xatu cries

    That is all
    Pokemon Related
  2. Froakie might be based on a nobleman?

    I've had this impression for a while, but with the French background the new games has got, I'm expecting something European in the games, not to mention the pokemon might actually have themes based on them.

    Froakie might be based on a nobleman. See those bubbles around his neck? They remind me of this kind of clothing
  3. Happy Birthday to me ^.^

    I want to buy Gates To Infinity when it comes out but it still doesn't have an Aus release date >:I

    I hope it gets one soon. It would be within the same date as the US release right?
  4. Charge faster 3DS

    Come on, I just want to play VIDEO GAMES.

    Also there's nothing much to do in the meantime, which is just insult to injury.
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